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  1. Clearly Tara's song is best.
  2. Hey Erin, I only knew to ask questions because Greggy said as much on Facebook. Wasn't that nice of him? Erin, how do I get the cutie girls to lick my butthole? Erin, goodbye...?
  3. 40 shades of green. But seriously, I love it. I had convinced myself to look into moving here one day when I get back but then a Canadian expat informed that your healthcare coverage isn't that great.
  4. This is my favourite post of any forum ever.
  5. 300 already? I feel like I barely post here.
  6. ADC, are you a fan of it then?
  7. Guys, am I supposed to like or not like Entourage? I have never seen it, but it sounds like the most confusing show in terms of what people with good taste like.
  8. Sean and Hayes: Fellini. Speak on that.
  9. watchayakan

    HH T-shirt design

    You can just MAKE a shirt?!
  10. I'm actually awake for once when questions might be asked and nothing? This timezone has proved less than useful.
  11. It was my bday Monday btw guys. =( Also, I've decided to friend people on FB because apparently that's what Internet peeps do. I'm the portly Michael. EDIT: nvm too spooky.
  12. Lol No seriously, I LOVED this.
  13. As they were doing the cork bit I was on a bus leaving Cork. I wonder if they will do limericks as I am entering Limerick. Also, the boner shutouts had me bussin up.
  14. Also guys, in case I am eaten in Europe, I just have to get off my chest that I worked really hard on the linked post and it's not fair that just because I have no creative talent I don't get likes. http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/22502-episode-81-—-alex-anfanger-and-jon-bass-our-close-friends/page__st__180__p__144739#entry144739
  15. Tea-drinking British women love Pink Floyd and Lost?
  16. Guys, I'm thinking my plan of hiking through Ireland alone is a bad idea and my plane leaves in 9 hours. Also, I know they shoot Game of Thrones there so do they have wild direwolves???
  17. How much is having seen every Wes Anderson film worth?
  18. Does neckbeard count? Also I do not play an instrument or drink craft beers.
  19. Podcast Quarterly Renewal, Wet Hot American Summer, Lost, Pink Floyd, Montreal, turquoise, Alison Brie, 137, Jim.
  20. Hey, Irish listeners, anyone want to get drinks in Dublin Monday night? I'll also be in Cork sometime in the next two weeks.
  21. We all worked on it but I am that guy in the video:
  22. Don't forget our eyes receive images upside down and the brain corrects it.
  23. Joe, I had a portable Nintendo when I was a kid in the '90s, so take that.
  24. What about the part with Peggy where I laughed?
  25. So does this mean that Brett is the fourth best engineer now? Also, I wanted to say this in here, but a lot of the negative comments in the CBB thread apply equally to the show as it is regular. Maybe they don't like the fact that S&H/HH are kind of parodies of Earwolf in general.