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  1. Hi Alex! Years ago I watched the entire first season of Next Time on Lonny. Does this early investment mean I get 15% of everything you get?
  2. Everything and everyone was awesome but Gemberling was somehow a standout.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, Colt, I'm fat enough to drink beer any time of day but too fat to die for my country.
  4. *stokes Jim* Jim, get off my barbecue!
  5. I'm the black female character from Guess Who.
  6. Is it supposed to be meta?
  7. Did not realize this was released until just now. I'll have a fun drive today!
  8. By the way, guys, this was just a joke. I'm actually nice and cool and smart and funny, I swear!
  9. Hey, Chanson, when you get to 1111 posts you should stop posting. Forever.
  10. Just two more! Maybe Hayzie and Clem could help out.
  11. Where are the good leads?
  12. I didn't know they were so harmful to the environment.
  13. Also, the boy in the pot is Groot, a character from the movie that is the basis for T.G.I.T.G.O.T.G.O.S.T. podcast. I don't think it represents anyone.
  14. I think Franklin the turtle is supposed to be Sillylillyquee herself. Also, just realized that is supposed to be like soliloquy. I am slow.
  15. I assumed as much! Still fun spotting everyone - I think I looked at it for five minutes straight and probably still missed some.
  16. Don't take Latin, Iacob.
  17. That is super awesome even if I can't find myself in it.
  18. He prefers to be called Lyndon.
  19. My D, recently groomed:
  20. AV Club comments won't work for me so I'll say this here: Justified was freaking amazing. I'll miss that show.
  21. I never noticed it either but I usually start bawling from sadness when they say bye.
  22. Anyone have $9k lying around that they could bum me for a a Sgt Sean's Loot Crate?
  23. I want them to grow and conquer their fears so prolly some spooky Frankenmummy.
  24. Just watched the first episode and it looks really good. I hear there is an awesome fight sequence in the second episode.