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    EPISODE 386 — Titbit for Tatbit

    I really enjoyed Mike O'Brien. I hope he comes back!
  2. KingOfCastle

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I don't think it's silly for us to be so devastated about losing someone we didn't really know. Because the truth is we did know him. He may have not known us, and we may not have known him as well as his family and friends, but we knew him. He shared so much of his genuine self with us on so many podcast appearances that it would be silly to say we didn't know what kind of person he was just because we didn't know him in person. I know Harris was an amazing and warm-hearted person, someone I would've loved to have as a friend. I miss him already.
  3. KingOfCastle

    Episode 323 — Pie Quiz with Tears for Fears

    Hello, Tears For Fears. Didn't see you over there.
  4. Here's a Celebutip: If you want to save time when referring to Jennifer Lopez, just say "Jen Lopez" instead.
  5. Welcome to Scream club. If you haven't seen the movie or you don't own a mask, leave now.
  6. There's no use in cutting your head off, it will only grow back thicker. Take it from me, I did this. A memoir by Jon Favreau.
  7. If you keep eating those scabs, you'll have no room left for dinner. Which is my scabs.
  8. Spare the bean, spoil the taco.
  9. Think of a number. Now divide it by 10. Divide it by 10 again. Now divide that number by 10. Divide the result by 10. Was your original number 69? Of course it was. Grow up.
  10. Clean the colon, the colonel's comin'!
  11. From Baha Boys to Baha Men, you've been with them every step of the way. Now watch as they make the courageous transformation into Baha Women on an all new Dr Skin.
  12. It's not the size of the male genitals, it's the motion of them inside the female genitals. This of course is a metaphor for the importance of good boating technique.
  13. When declaring that a vampire has gone batty, it's important for one to specify whether it has turned into a bat, or merely had its arms and legs replaced with baseball bats.
  14. Stomp once for yes, twice for no, three times to snap his neck.