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  1. Wu Tang Lan

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    With Wolf Pop closing, do we know what the situation is with Calvin & Hobbes Productions?
  2. Follow up question: what's it like working with the great scene stealer from Groundhog Day, Bill Murray. My favorite quote is "That last step is tricky!"
  3. Alex, I am a big fan of Big Time Hollywood Florida. I just had a question about the writing process: why are the movie take place in Florida when everyone know Hollywood in California?
  4. A lot of people have been asking me privately if my dad is really Steven Levitan, creator of Modern Family (maybe you have heard of it?) and so I will post a picture of my dad.
  5. Scratchers are how I made my fortune.
  6. My dad Steven Levitan would like to option this for a series.
  7. Well, now I've done it. I ended up sleeping near the Volvo dealership in Riverside last night. My dad Steven Levitan is so mad.
  8. I am at the Volvo dealership and no one knows anything about Mary Holland. They close at 9. Gotta hurry back to the station to take the Purple Line to the Brown Line to the Green Line to Burbank so my dad Steven Levitan can pick me up. Will keep you guys updated. Sorry about the quality, I only had an iPhone 6 in case I got robbed on public transportation. Didn't want to take my iPhone 7. Oops, I mean iPhone 6+. Forget I said anything about an iPhone 7.
  9. Does anyone have the link to Mary Holland's show at the Volvo Dealership in Riverside? I can't find a link.
  10. Wu Tang Lan

    Episode 67 — Jes Macallan, Our Close Friend

    Looking for the Totally Laime message board if someone could point me in the right direction. Just kidding, I was having a loff.
  11. Wu Tang Lan

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    Think Bill was framed.