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  1. JustinBader

    Episode BO2014.3 — Best of 2014 Pt 3

    EP. 300 was an Andy Daly tour de force. It will most definitely make the list.
  2. Oh shit, I just started listening. This sounds like a weird version of Adomian's Tom Leykis
  3. Thankfully I have this ep. to get me through today's post x-mas work day.
  4. I feel bad that this ep wont get as many listens because of the new UTU2TM.
  5. 5 minutes in and its already insane. 2 eps of The Almighty Daughter, 1 ep of The Almighty Dollar, 1 ep of Talkin About Money and a classic ep of I Love Films. I am not sure I will be able to make it through this one.
  6. JustinBader

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    Oh damn. This is gonna be a good one.
  7. I have an acquaintance who recently started "practicing" shamanism. I am so excited to laugh my ass of at this episode.
  8. JustinBader

    Episode 325 — Musical Organs

    " I haven't head that much Buzz since Toy Story 3" might start getting worked into my normal conversation.
  9. The bad standup jokes in this episode are absolutely hilarious.
  10. JustinBader

    Episode 324 — Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

  11. JustinBader

    Episode 324 — Golden Duchess Cruise Lines

    To be fair, Colin Hanks is pretty sexy.
  12. So does Paul just hang out at Earwolf waiting for someone to say "Hey, we need a podcast guest" (unless he has a show at Largo)?