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    High Spirits (1988)

    OK, so not enough has been said about how amazing this movie is. I grew up watching it on an old VHS. it is quirky, but actually endearing and really well made. It has 18% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes, but stars Lawrence of Arabia, Mahoney from from Police Academy, The Mom from Vacation, The Mermaid from Splash, and a pre-list (perverted) Schindler. Not to mention that it is directed and written by the director of the crying game. This movie has everything, Irishmen drinking, bad fart jokes, ghost molestation, a talking horse, Meg Tilly seducing a priest, Steve Guttenburg fucking Darryl Hanna's corpse... yes it happens... and demonic nuns setting Peter Galagar's balls on fire. They even invent a word for ghost sex in the movie (Scalping). I can't tell you how much I love this weird piece of forgotten cinema, its impossible to tell if it is horrible or wonderful. This is the perfect time to review it as it just showed up on Amazon prime free streaming.