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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 42 results

  1. The Empty Man made me do it... The first night you hear him. The second night you see him. The third night he finds you. Boom! Studios & HBO presents...The Empty Man........ The start of the film is terrifying & semi-intriguing. Four backpackers in Bhutan stumble upon a cave where a large God-like skeleton died meditating, one gets transfixed & put into a catatonic state. During the night, he whispers to his wife, I'm not going to lie, the concept is there and The Empty Man had me curious from the beginning to end. But in the end, I felt it was a waste of 2 hours. Although after a day of reflection, I'm still thinking about it & conjuring new interpretations. I don't think I can ever unsee this movie, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Roger Ebert said, "The Empty Man draws comparisons to junky studio fare like The Bye Bye Man and Slender Man but this is a far more ambitious and accomplished piece of work than its reputation." There was a doll-like 18-year-old Only Fans girl with a bowl haircut and a ton of unnecessary flashbacks, but it was real creepy & there were beautifully shot sequences. I want to give credit to a lot of the actors that had me & discredit to a couple as well. You'll see... I think this film could possibly be a cult classic someday, pun intended. Love you all. kelkel
  2. I was forced to watch this movie in college by a friend of mine. The animation quality is terrible. The film was worked on by one guy, and it shows. There's an annoying fish character that shows up randomly throughout just to interrupt the scene without furthering the story. This is probably the worst reincarnation of Romeo and Juliet to date.
  3. This is a movie that i used to love as a kid, but after rewatching it as an adult i realize how awful it is. The music in it isn't great. the characters aren't likable. and the plot is lacking.
  4. Gilliam85

    Eaten Alive (1976)

    If June had problems with "Monkey Shines" ... oh, boy ... This review sums up the scummy vibe of "Eaten Alive" perfectly. "One is tempted to wonder aloud if drugs and booze didn't actually direct this relatively woeful flick." Scott Weinberg reviewing "Eaten Alive" for DVDtalk.com in 2006. The director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre followed up his directorial debut with a movie so baffling that Rotten Tomatoes is confused about its plot synopsis. "A snake researcher attempts to capture an anaconda in Peru." That's actually a description of Paul Rosolie's 2014 Discovery Channel documentary "Eaten Alive," but that is nevertheless the text you'll find attached to RT's page dedicated to Tobe Hooper's 1976 disasterpiece, so maligned and forgotten is this movie. Hooper took a deliberate left turn with his second feature, opting to shoot on a soundstage instead of reverting to the handheld field photography of his debut. The only thread that links this film to its predecessor is the story, which is based on a Texas legend (Hooper is a native of the Lone Star State) about a serial killer who fed his victims to his pet alligator. "Eaten Alive" is nauseatingly garish in every sense. Its use of Mario Bava-esque colored filters, the Moog score by Hooper himself which seems to have been deliriously tapped out during a nap in the midst of a speed binge, the cheap-but-strangely-ostentatious studio sets, and its disconcertingly unhinged performances (should Neville Brand, who plays the killer, have been in a mental institution instead of being encouraged to got off the rails on camera by an alleged cokehead director?) all conspire to make one feel teenage-kegger drunk before the inciting incident. "Eaten Alive's" real claim to fame is one immortal line, which was later referenced in Kill Bill: Vol. 1: "My name's Buck, and I'm here to fuck," which is delivered by none other than Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund. I haven't even gotten to the dead monkey and the alligator prop. I'll leave that to the pros. You can find "Eaten Alive" on DVD, but I'd recommend Arrow's unnecessarily gorgeous and extras-packed region-free Blu-Ray.
  5. I'm a sucker for great child based sport movies. The 90's were the era in which there were a glut of of them. Most of the films were baseball centric and were great. Some were better than others, but non the less great ( The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, Little Big League, Angels in the Outfield). Disney (who produced Angels in the Outfield) clearly felt they had to keep riding this wave and go a step further with the sport children's film sub genre by adding time travel to the mix. What you end up getting with a A Kid in King Arthur's Court is a mish mash of film elements from both Medieval/sports movies which should never be mixed. This film contains beyond ridiculous dialogue, cheesy acting and lousy narrative. I saw this in the theaters at 9 and even then I knew it was bad and felt like my mother needed to get her money back. Wild fact- This film was the first if not one of the first big screen, big budget films for Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet (Kate friggin Winslet) Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t0wnZBkDbE
  6. TashaWhitley

    Sorority Boys (2002)

    This movie has a 13% on rotten tomatoes. I remember happening upon it on high school and thinking that it was so bad. Trailer... enough said. http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/sorority-boys-2002
  7. korrk01

    Konrad (1985)

    From imdb, "Konrad is a perfect instant child "born" in a factory at age 8. Due to a mistake in the factory's computer, Konrad is delivered to Bertie Bartolotti, a woman whose life and appearance are in a constant state of disarray. Konrad arrives looking like a gremlin, but when Bertie pours a nutrient solution over his head he changes into a fully-developed, perfect 8-year-old child. The factory realizes a mistake was made, and recalls Konrad, but he does not want to leave his new family and friends." A coworker recently described a movie she thought she remembered renting as a kid. In it a child is delivered to the wrong house in large can. We didn't believe it could possibly be real until we discovered this...Konrad. Starring Academy Award nominated actor Ned Beatty, please help us find the answer to the question how did this get made?!
  8. JeremiahHall

    The Darkness (2016)

    "The Darkness" starring Kevin Bacon,, featuring Paul Riser. A great cast is horribly marred by a bad script. Should have been called The Foreshadowing. My wife and I were watching this asking each other, "How did this get made?" "Did the actors read the script before they said yes?" "Who did they owe a favor to to do this?" And finally, "Did they keep their agent who suggested they do this movie?"
  9. DarrenJaynarayan

    Juwanna Mann (2002)

    I am surprised you guys haven't done this one yet, but after recently re-watching this movie i'm hoping you guys talk about it.
  10. DavidRosen

    The Entity

    Ghost rape. Recreating her house to trap the ghost. Ron Silver being all around crazy. My girlfriends favorite movie. I nominate The Entity!
  11. sweeneytoad

    Silence of the Hams

    A movie so bad, the only time my friends and I ever watched it was while we were drinking. Billy Zane and Dom Deluise in a parody of Silence of the Lams. This movie is full of bad puns, Rip Taylor and one of my favorite scenes to quote (I don't want none of your got-damn coffee!) This one would be great!
  12. RobertColquhoun

    Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

    Lets face it. Shelley Long taking over her daughters Beverly Hill's girl scout (or whatever) troop only to show them the merits of being a housewife is GARBAGE. Who thought this would be a good movie? I remember this movie playing on tv in the 90's when I was a kid and thinking it was terrible even then.
  13. This movie has it all: Bastardization of a literary classic Tim Daly at the height of his Wings fame Sean Young being paid to play a crazy person A young Jeremy Piven Totally forced gender-bending antics Early 90's era face morphing effects Stephen Tobolowski What more could you want? http://www.imdb.com/...2895/?ref_=sr_5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jQAtUwP4g8
  14. pepperjack


    Paul Scheer ‏@paulscheer 24m How Did This Get Made Listeners - DVR Sharknado on Syfy tonight and all weekend.
  15. Kublai Khan

    If you guys ever invite Kevin Smith back, ask him how the hell got made. Super implausible plot. Bad acting. Gratuitous lesbian makeouts & lots of skimpy underwear. Mind-blowing cameos from people you expect a lot better from. In summary, it's an awesome bad movie. Do it.
  16. AndyTalarzyk

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    What are your favorite bad movie quotes? Lines that just blew you away with their craziness and/or hilarity. One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is from a little classic film called X-Men. Storm and the rest of the gang are in the Statue of Liberty and Storm delivers this amazing line to Toad: "Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning? Same thing that happens to everything else." This one line just about ruined that whole movie for me.
  17. First time posting, but watching this movie with my 4 year old has motivated me to suggest this movie. This movie is awful. Terrible acting. A very bad first foray into 3D and a storyline that is just plain nuts, You can tell that this movie was made simply to satisfy an attempt at making the old red and blue 3D glasses movies popular. Almost no thought has gone into it. Check it out.
  18. ramsincanon

    Blow Dry (2001)

    This movie exists for some reason. Not really a comedy (cancer subplot); not really a drama (it's about a wacky hair styling competition). Alan Rickman is in it, suffering through the horrible acting of Josh Hartnett (English accent!) and Rachel Leigh Cook (no accent because she's that bad!). In fact, Rachel Leigh Cook is so bad that I suspect they built in a backstory about her being from Minnesota because she is so unable to do an English, or any, accent that they had to have her character come from where Rachel Leigh Cook herself actually is from. Bought this movie in the bargain bin of a close-out Hollywood Video in Chicago in 2004. As terrible as it is, it's on Netflix Instant! http://movies.netfli...5?trkid=2361637 Here's their description: Alan Rickman stars as Phil, a once-great hairstylist reduced to running a barbershop in the desolate English burg of Keighley, who decides to give the big time another shot when the national hairdressing championships come to town. The contest appeals to his competitive spirit, but it also affords him a chance to get even with his ex-wife, Shelley (Natasha Richardson), a competing stylist. It's The Full Monty with hair curlers. This needs June Diane's treatment.
  19. 0% on Rotten Tomatoes with a consensus "Misguided, misconceived, and misbegotten on every level, The Nutcracker in 3D is a stunning exercise in astonishing cinematic wrong-headedness.", a massive box-office flop, it would be fantastic to see them talk at lengths about this film, perhaps even for a Christmas Special?
  20. Tron83

    Osmosis Jones

    Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Molly Shannon and David Hyde-Pierce star in this animation/real world mash up that is just an absolute abortion of a film.
  21. "A Talking Cat!?!" was just added to Netflix and it seems that it went straight there as it is dated 2013. Maybe the first straight-to-streaming-video movie ever (BTW I could not find this on the Wiki or IMDb)? Even though this might be made for a family audenice, the acting and dialouge remined me of "Troll 2." I have not seen "Mac & I", but from what I heard from the podcast, this might be just as bad. Oh, I forget to mention that the cat (a self-aclaimed human whisper) is voiced by Eric Roberts doing his best Garfield impression after an all-night bender. See it before it becomes the next cult film.
  22. trythisonforsighs

    The Coca-Cola Kid

    Saw this years and years ago, and recently re-watched it. It's about an ex-marine (Eric Roberts) sent to Australia by the Coca-Cola company to convince a small town soda bottler to sell his business to Coke. The director, I believe, did only gay porn for a long time, then made this. The end alone gets it in the HDTGM? pantheon, perhaps as the grandpappy of all WTF? movies I've ever seen, including all of Stuart Gordon's and David Lynch's films combined.
  23. VanTerylMcNeilIII

    Jonah Hex (2010)

    Jonah Hex would be the absolute perfect movie for you guys to review next. It's an expository, befuddling, mess. There is a something on fire in every goddamn scene. My friends and I watched it when we were wasted and it was one of the best movie going experiences of my life. It would make a beautiful How Did This Get Made? Just fucking do it. PS: Saw Paul at the League Live at Tulane last night. Thanks for coming man it was super funny! Sorry Tulane kids are suckholes!! Fuck Tulane!....... JONAH FUCKING HEX.
  24. Toasterpups

    Simon Sez (1999)

    Alright, This one Is the reason I joined this forum. Love the podcast, and I think this is pure gold. It's a 90's action comedy ( red flag) with Dane Cook ( red flag) and Dennis Rodman ( red flag!). Cook tries and fails to be Jim Carrey and Dennis Rodman has all the charisma of a piece of parquet, and it's got a villain that seems to be a rejected version of Buster Bluth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjJEBQCLbZ8&at=87 What do you guys think? Also, the Dane Cook raptor scene starts at 1:27
  25. robsbrother

    Mindhunters (2004)

    "For seven elite profilers, finding a serial killer is a process of elimination. Their own." Renny Harlin (Cutthroat Island) directs Christian Slater, Val Kilmer and LL Cool J as FBI profilers stalked by a serial killer at a remote training facility. Shot in 2003 on a $27 million budget released May 2005 to just under $2 million it's first weekend. Acid laced cigarettes, extended underwater gunfight, dominoes.