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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 42 results

  1. TashaWhitley

    Sorority Boys (2002)

    This movie has a 13% on rotten tomatoes. I remember happening upon it on high school and thinking that it was so bad. Trailer... enough said. http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/sorority-boys-2002
  2. I know this one may be a bit obscure, but it is totally a cluster fuck of a movie. Basically,it follows Highlander 1 up by not only upping the stakes, but also totally obscuring them. Lambert, the Highlander (who is an alien so why are they calling him by his earth creed?), has used his ultimate knowledge powers, the same one's he received for decapitating Clancy Brown, to cure global warming. Lambert is now mortal and is about to die when all of a sudden, Michael Ironside sends some dudes on flying skateboards to Earth to kill him. After a breathtaking flying sword fight, Lambert is the Highlander again. He bones Virginia Madsen like it aint no thang. Then some other shit happens. Sean Connery, playing Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramierez, is summomed back to life like fucking Beetlejuice. He serves absolutely NO relevance to the plot and cracks insane anachronistic jokes. Then Global Warming happens again, John C McGinely and Ironside team up. More sword fights. Oh yeah, did I mention they were aliens? PLEASE see this movie!
  3. korrk01

    Konrad (1985)

    From imdb, "Konrad is a perfect instant child "born" in a factory at age 8. Due to a mistake in the factory's computer, Konrad is delivered to Bertie Bartolotti, a woman whose life and appearance are in a constant state of disarray. Konrad arrives looking like a gremlin, but when Bertie pours a nutrient solution over his head he changes into a fully-developed, perfect 8-year-old child. The factory realizes a mistake was made, and recalls Konrad, but he does not want to leave his new family and friends." A coworker recently described a movie she thought she remembered renting as a kid. In it a child is delivered to the wrong house in large can. We didn't believe it could possibly be real until we discovered this...Konrad. Starring Academy Award nominated actor Ned Beatty, please help us find the answer to the question how did this get made?!
  4. JeremiahHall

    The Darkness (2016)

    "The Darkness" starring Kevin Bacon,, featuring Paul Riser. A great cast is horribly marred by a bad script. Should have been called The Foreshadowing. My wife and I were watching this asking each other, "How did this get made?" "Did the actors read the script before they said yes?" "Who did they owe a favor to to do this?" And finally, "Did they keep their agent who suggested they do this movie?"
  5. VanTerylMcNeilIII

    Jonah Hex (2010)

    Jonah Hex would be the absolute perfect movie for you guys to review next. It's an expository, befuddling, mess. There is a something on fire in every goddamn scene. My friends and I watched it when we were wasted and it was one of the best movie going experiences of my life. It would make a beautiful How Did This Get Made? Just fucking do it. PS: Saw Paul at the League Live at Tulane last night. Thanks for coming man it was super funny! Sorry Tulane kids are suckholes!! Fuck Tulane!....... JONAH FUCKING HEX.
  6. DarrenJaynarayan

    Juwanna Mann (2002)

    I am surprised you guys haven't done this one yet, but after recently re-watching this movie i'm hoping you guys talk about it.
  7. DavidRosen

    The Entity

    Ghost rape. Recreating her house to trap the ghost. Ron Silver being all around crazy. My girlfriends favorite movie. I nominate The Entity!
  8. sweeneytoad

    Silence of the Hams

    A movie so bad, the only time my friends and I ever watched it was while we were drinking. Billy Zane and Dom Deluise in a parody of Silence of the Lams. This movie is full of bad puns, Rip Taylor and one of my favorite scenes to quote (I don't want none of your got-damn coffee!) This one would be great!
  9. TessWhite


    Another bad pop star movie. 14% on Rotten Tomatoes
  10. AndyTalarzyk

    Favorite Bad Movie Quote

    What are your favorite bad movie quotes? Lines that just blew you away with their craziness and/or hilarity. One of my favorite movie quotes of all time is from a little classic film called X-Men. Storm and the rest of the gang are in the Statue of Liberty and Storm delivers this amazing line to Toad: "Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning? Same thing that happens to everything else." This one line just about ruined that whole movie for me.
  11. pepperjack


    Paul Scheer ‏@paulscheer 24m How Did This Get Made Listeners - DVR Sharknado on Syfy tonight and all weekend.
  12. Kublai Khan

    If you guys ever invite Kevin Smith back, ask him how the hell got made. Super implausible plot. Bad acting. Gratuitous lesbian makeouts & lots of skimpy underwear. Mind-blowing cameos from people you expect a lot better from. In summary, it's an awesome bad movie. Do it.
  13. First time posting, but watching this movie with my 4 year old has motivated me to suggest this movie. This movie is awful. Terrible acting. A very bad first foray into 3D and a storyline that is just plain nuts, You can tell that this movie was made simply to satisfy an attempt at making the old red and blue 3D glasses movies popular. Almost no thought has gone into it. Check it out.
  14. Tron83

    Osmosis Jones

    Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Molly Shannon and David Hyde-Pierce star in this animation/real world mash up that is just an absolute abortion of a film.
  15. trythisonforsighs

    The Coca-Cola Kid

    Saw this years and years ago, and recently re-watched it. It's about an ex-marine (Eric Roberts) sent to Australia by the Coca-Cola company to convince a small town soda bottler to sell his business to Coke. The director, I believe, did only gay porn for a long time, then made this. The end alone gets it in the HDTGM? pantheon, perhaps as the grandpappy of all WTF? movies I've ever seen, including all of Stuart Gordon's and David Lynch's films combined.
  16. Nasher


    Spun is one of the worst and most childish movies I've ever seen. As per usual you can tell a music video directors early movies as they have inexplicably good actors and try far too hard to make a terrible plot interesting with visual tricks. And the cast is amazing: Jason Schwartzman, John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Patrick Fugit, Brittany Murphy, Mickey Rourke, Peter Stormare, Deborah Harry, Eric Roberts, how or why they agreed can only be justified by financial motivation and the flick was a massive bomb. Watching Spun is like watching a dog with Tourette-rabies. Every drug hit is accompanied by hyperactive camerawork and pupils flaring and occasionally grotesque animation. Then there gratuitous nudity inane dialogue and a plot that goes nowhere. Things happen for little to no reason and seemingly to just get to the next stupidly scripted scene. Worst of all most of the story and visual cues are ripped off from Requiem for a Dream in the most unashamed fashion.
  17. Nasher


    Possibly the most inept movie I have ever seen and it made me so angry the makers are so disjointed from reality they think we could just go with it. I can just hear Jason repeatedly shouting "What are you doing Dum-Dum", Paul's "and we haven't even talked about X yet" and June's infectious laugh of incredulity... constantly throughout the review. Poor Val Kilmer must have worked all of 2 days on this and certainly didn't give acting tips to the other players. The catalog of film making mistakes is almost endless: plot holes, poor acting, terrible dialogue and a 'fuck you' epilogue: There is something of astounding ineptitude every 5 minutes... seriously i am not kidding: 1 Crow-barred in ecology plot-line that makes no sense. 2 A woman dies apparently choking as caring people just stand and watch.. recovery position anyone? 3 When infection is suspected people knowingly touch bloody infected wounds with bare hands. 4 When one is covered in welts no one mentions it or cares enough to help her in any way 5 They amputate an arm through the bone instead of the elbow, without sedatives (which they have), with a cleaver when they have scalpels and without trying anything first.. such as surgery or burning. 6 They believe a room is bug-proof for no apparent reason and do not block vents or doorjambs. 7 A full body check is done without lifting her arms, checking her hair or uncovering her ankles. 8 When the psychotic guy is disarmed they let him keep the gun he is threatening them with. 9 The psycho is infected but is oddly afraid of who around him is infected. 10 A window to an infested room is shot out and they gather to look inside. 11 Calling for help is the last thing they think of when naratively it should have been the first. 12 They also apparently have internet but don't think about it. 13 Val cuts his arm to get infected when the bugs show no need for such an invite. 14 Despite the danger fire is not thought of by anyone till the end. And that's just for starters.. there are dozens of gaffs and jarring flaws at every turn. There is not one human being in the entire movie.. everything is stilted, flat and lacking anything like a human response. There was a good movie here believe it or not but at no step does anyone do a practical or believable action. Even if this wasn't released theatrically and lacks Nic Cage, which might make it ineligible for the rules of this cast, i highly recommend for people who love to sit and rip on a movie.. there is endless material here for and evening with friends. And if that doesn't sell it.. how about a line of dialog: "Isn't there that frog?" randomly stated at the sight of bugs on a mammoth.