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  1. aperkins95

    Comedy Site!

    Hi everyone! My name is Amy (obviously)! I am going to start a comedy website soon and was wondering if there were any writers interested? What Would You Do? Good question, Tom. Well, I was wanting to have writers write short little funny stories about once a week. Then have maybe a spotlight stand up special for each writer on the site maybe once a week. This means you can send in your funny stories, jokes, and such. Each week, we can talk a little about the writer and how funny you are and then post your stories. I can even make an extra page for short bio's if you guys want so everyone knows who the writers are! I was also maybe wanting to stay updated with the stories of the comedy community. BUT, I can do that on my own if you are more interested in just writing your jokes. I think it would be a great place to get your jokes out there. PLUS, with Twitta (Twitter), and Facebook it can definitley get promoted... LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! E-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com OR send me a message on here. Hope to hear from you all! (No, I am not going to say y'all)
  2. I am looking for a writer for a scripted comedy podcast (Machine Court - http://machinecourt.com ) which has run 19 weekly episodes so far. I'm currently writing 30-60 minutes of dialogue each week. I'm looking for somebody to write one piece that fits the show. And from that we'd see if it's a good match for regular work or more one-off projects. No experience necessary, but I'd like to see some comedy writing sample to get an idea of capabilities. This is unpaid work. What I have to offer is the benefit of working with a great cast of people and the creative comradery that comes with that. In addition we have been and will continue to track time of individual contributors as the basis of any future royalty deals (e.g. if we end up selling past seasons of the show.) The podcast is nothing big yet, but everybody takes it seriously and we've got plans to get the audience count higher. It's all very... semi-pro. I'm attaching the script from the last episode so you can get an idea of the writing. And hey, here's a link to the same show: http://seespacelabs....mented-reality/ If you like the show and want to join forces, then let's talk! Email me at ehermansen@seespacelabs.com -Erik Hermansen Machine Court - Season 2, Episode 5 Augmented Reality.pdf
  3. Hey everybody! I thought I would introduce our podcast here! If you get a chance give us a listen! http://middleagechildren.com On Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/middleagechildren-podcast/id544549668?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 And Stitcher Radio: http://stitcher.com/s?fid=27597&refid=stpr
  4. King_Geedorah808

    End Of Watch

    End Of Watch is one of the best missed opportunities to be a good movie I've seen all year. The movie is about two cops played by Jake Gyllenhal and Michael who are cops in South Central Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhal's character Officer Taylor is recording there day to day patrols for an art class that he is taking. Officer Taylor is joined by a cast of hardened witty smack talking cops that all sound like they watched 48 hours and The Shield way too many times. The movie starts with a pretty good chase seen where Jack Gyllenhal gives an amazing speech about being a police officer as you watch a high speed police chase from the point of view of the police car camera that ends with a gang shoot out but from that scene the movie is all done hill from there. It's not necessarily a bad movie, it actually starts off pretty good until about 15 or 25 minutes into the movie where the point of view of the story changes and it makes no sense. I film then follows the strangest beats going from jokes about being single and a cop to scenes of gratuitous violence that seem hap hazardly thrown in. Please please review this so I can see if I'm over analyzing this movie or is it just the down fall of Jake Gyllenhal's career. This was also made by the same writer as "Training Day", "U-571", "The Fast and The Furious", and "Swat" (I wrote them in the order of quality)
  5. Thought I'd make this short and sweet, kinda like a jingle. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/raizen33/not-about-butt-plugs
  6. Hello! Huge fan, I've heard every episode. Here's my plug theme. Everything you hear was recorded 100% by me. I used absolutely NO samples so it's completely a parody. Plug song: http://regularradio.bandcamp.com/ Please visit http://www.regularradio.tumblr.com to listen to the show or like on facebook at http://facebook....larradiopodcast Thanks so much! -Rob, host of Regular Radio
  7. I have a comedy podcast featuring music satire (real bands and fake), skits, and fake interviews. Please check out Regular Radio on iTunes. or you can go to www.regularradio.tumblr.com It's short, please give it a chance. All songs were performed and recorded by myself using no samples from the original. If you like it, share it! It's free! Thanks, Rob F Regular Radio Facebook Page
  8. Welcome to Lee Harvey Oswalts pantry, where the money is saved and the welcome mat is a Playbill from "CATS 2: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE"
  9. jacobjeffriesband

    PLUG IT!

    This is our first of, potentially, thousands of entries. "PLUG IT!" https://soundcloud.com/jacobjeffriesband/plug-it-plugs-comedy-bang-bang www.jacobjeffriesband.com
  10. Position has been filled. Thank You For your Interest. We are looking for production interns in the Los Angeles area to help work with wardrobe for the second season of a cable television project. Ideal candidates will have a passion for the Los Angeles comedy and sketch scene, be motivated and organized, have a car and smart phone with ability to send pictures, and will be available 1-2 days a week. Position is unpaid / for college credit only.
  11. Comedy bang bang plugs song submission by Brett Anderson and Russ Mehring, check it out on our soundcloud! http://soundcloud.co...n-bout-da-plugz or copy and paste if the link isn't working:
  12. Two nerds, C Bomb and G Money, rant and rave about all things weird, nerdy, and just downright depressing, all from the comfort of the "Kill or be killed Auditorium" in super-hot Perth, Western Australia. Covers news, nerd news, video games, movie reviews and much moar! Have a listen and tell me what you think! Check out the site here; www.ultimatefacepalm.com.au and the podcasts here or on itunes, stitcher and libsyn. www.ultimatefacepalm.com.au/podcasts
  13. agentstinky

    Jaws Episode Teased on Who Charted

    Hey if there's anyone that likes Analyze Phish that doesn't listen/hasn't listened yet to Who Charted?, you should know that on today's Two Charted, Howard Kremer revealed that he and Paul F. Tompkins recorded an "Analyze Fish," where they talked about Jaws (Howard's favorite movie), instead of Phish the band. Guess I need to finally see Jaws. (I know, I know.)
  14. jmschulte636

    Fantasy Sports Podcast

    I think one thing that would really be great on Earwolf, is a fantasy sports show. Specificaly for football and baseball, but could also include hockey and basketball. You could have comedians who are also known sports fans. Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, Sean Conroy, just to name a few. As well as maybe professional athletes and fantasy analysts. I think it would be a great opportunity for you network. I would like to personally volunteer myself, if you would consider me. I even have several titles and bits in the work. I would at least like to be involved in some way. Please? I have been playing fantasy baseball & football since Highschool, and consistently gotten to the finals almost every year. I have even won a few times. Anybody else have thoughts about this. At least about the idea not me hosting since none of you know me. J. Schulte (fantasy guru)
  15. If you don't put these grapes up your ass right away, then the terrorists have won! Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang!
  16. dalecooper86

    my favorite new blog

    Don't ask me how I found it but the Sex.com Blog is really hilarious and wanted to share it with some other people who might find it funny. Look at these (slightly NSFW): Sex.com's Christmas Gift Guide Part 1 Sex.com's Christmas Gift Guide Part 2 And my personal favorite: Wisconsin man could face jail time for sex with couch
  17. Youtube link to new comedy Christmas song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qChqbxN7uzU Enjoy
  18. Hey, Us guys at Hula Garbage have been making podcasts since we were in high school, and now we're working on transitioning from our unprofessional high school-cast to a new grown up podcast. In the meantime, we present Pilot Season. In Pilot Season, we try to work out the kinks, and what works and what doesn't. We'd love to have input from other podcasters and fans! Listen, and e-mail us@hulagarbage.com http://feeds.feedbur...com/PilotSeason Thanks, Charlie!
  19. overzet

    Kyle Kinane on the Funcast

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introude you to our new podcast that is only 15 episodes in. The regular hosts include Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Bobby Crane, and Nathan Lund. You may recognize Sam from Chris Gethard's Bonaroo journey: We've recently had Kyle Kinane, Ron Funches, and Ali Wong on the podcast. We'd love it if you gave it a listen! Here's the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-too-much-funcast!/id539298189K
  20. overzet

    Kyle Kinane on the Funcast

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introude you to our new podcast that is only 15 episodes in. The regular hosts include Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Bobby Crane, and Nathan Lund. You may recognize Sam from Chris Gethard's Bonaroo journey: We've recently had Kyle Kinane, Ron Funches, and Ali Wong on the podcast. We'd love it if you gave it a listen! Here's the link: https://itunes.apple...st!/id539298189
  21. overzet

    Kyle Kinane on The Funcast

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introude you to our new podcast that is only 15 episodes in. The regular hosts include Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Bobby Crane, and Nathan Lund. You may recognize Sam from Chris Gethard's Bonaroo journey: We've recently had Kyle Kinane, Ron Funches, and Ali Wong on the podcast. We'd love it if you gave it a listen! Here's the link: https://itunes.apple...st!/id539298189
  22. ColinDenney

    Winely Wasted

    Hey, Earwolf Forum. It's me. Colin Denney. I post here sometimes. Anyway, fine connoisseurs of comedy, gather round. I thought I should direct some of you to a project my friends and I started. It's called Winely Wasted, and it's a weekly wine review series on youtube. We're 5 episodes in, and we'd really appreciate some more views, subscriptions, and criticism. (Our audio is much better in episodes 4 and 5, so feel free to start there.) Thanks, all!
  23. Greetings this is I, Deltoid from planet Homunculus beaming straight into your ear holes. Thought of it watching season two of Mr. Show.
  24. truthskull

    Houston Comedy Nerds

    Hey Houston, we ae all mostly comedy nerds within this site, so let's have some fun together. I am putting on a show at Walter's next weekend (Sat. Sept. 22) that combines elements of stand-up and improv in a fun game show format. It's called Choke! You should come out and have yourself a fun time, there will be plenty of audience participation, you may get the chance to be a judge. Come out and support some local comedy! www.chokecomedyshow.com http://www.facebook.com/events/383729735030557/
  25. overzet

    Denver Comedy

    Hey everyone! We've got a new podcast called The "Too Much Funcast!" and it stars the Fine Gentleman's Club (Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Bobby Crane, and Nathan Lund). You might recognize Sam Tallent from Chris Gethard's Bonaroo Journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTqToaTPshY Here's the link! We'd love it if you guys gave it a chance! (Try start with episodes 5 - 7) http://itunes.apple....&ign-mpt=uo%3D4