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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 93 results

  1. scher3

    D.E.B.S (2004)

    This movie centers around Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster), jewel thief, and the "perfect score" spy, Amy (Sara Foster), falling in love. If you've seen it, you have wondered how did this get made?
  2. In a special Friday Edition! It's a tale as old as time: an emotionally abusive monster man learns the value of inner beauty by imprisoning the first beautiful woman that happens by his house. We saw: (Am I allowed to use Paul's intro for these or can I expect to hear from his lawyers?}
  3. this is my very first and not last "2nd opinions" theme submission. hope you like it. ----------- You say this movie's awful No, this movie's awesome You run your mouth, just hear me out It may be bananas or next level bonkers I got a few hundred misspelled words to offer This a'int a cry for help I couldn't help myself This a'int a suicide note I swear It's just a second opinion Just the one to spare.
  4. In an effort to simplify things, I thought I'd start another thread for people to sign up for Musical Mondays. Currently, the rotation is buried in another thread, and I thought it would be nice to have one where it's the first post in the thread and people can easily be added without things getting out of control. MUSICAL MONDAYS ROTATION Fister Roboto - Hedwig and the Angry Inch; The Lure; Om Shanti Om Cameron H. - Hairspray; Gigi; Blue Hawaii; Rockula Tomspanks - Tommy; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; Singing Detective; Flower Drum Song Taylorannephoto - Beauty and the Beast; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Josie and the Pussycats; The Last Five Years Cakebug Tranch - Across the Universe; Guys and Dolls; La La Land; Passing Strange Cam Bert - Jesus Christ Superstar; Bugsy Malone; Hello, Dolly!; True Stories Quasar Sniffer- Cabaret!; Top Hat; Blues Brothers; The Long Dumb Road Cinco DeNio - Rent; Reefer Madness; Piya Behrupiya Kateacola - Pete's Dragon; Bride & Prejudice; Easter Parade JammerLea - High School Musical; The Muppet Movie; Oliver & Company Ellenmc - Repo! The Genetic Opera Maximiliano - An American Tail; Baby Driver; Stage Fright SaraK - That Thing You Do!; Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit; Enchanted EternalSammich - The Phantom of the Paradise EvRobert - The Fantasticks; Love’s Labour’s Lost Joel_Rosenbaum - Krush Groove; Pink Floyd’s The Wall Grudlian - The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg; School Daze Polly Darton - Hustle and Flow; Meet Me in St Louis The_Triple_Lindy - Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass (1985); The Girl Can’t Help It; SlidePocket - Evita; The Rose; AlmostAGhost - Idlewilde; Watch Out for Snakes - Florence Foster Jenkins Gigitastic - R&H Cinderella (1996) To anyone who would like to join in the fun, just post your desire to do so (not your movie) in this thread. You will be added to the end of the rotation. No pressure! If you just want to do one movie and nothing else, that's totally fine--but I will say that I think that you'd be missing out
  5. "Tommy can you hear me? Oh, good! You can. Because we really need to talk..."
  6. Whenever you're ready, Tom... What's it gonna be..?
  7. Can you "stop the beat" or is it an unstoppable killing machine out to destroy us all? Discuss.
  8. Hey everyone! So this was hard. I have a ton of movies I'd like to do, but seeing as this is only our sophomore week I was struggling to find a movie that would be tonally different from Hedwig but not, like, a bummer (or slog) to get through. Eventually, though, I settled on Hairspray (2007) when I read that Dick Latessa died. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ53mRO80c0 Never seen it, but it looks fun to me.
  9. korrk01

    Konrad (1985)

    From imdb, "Konrad is a perfect instant child "born" in a factory at age 8. Due to a mistake in the factory's computer, Konrad is delivered to Bertie Bartolotti, a woman whose life and appearance are in a constant state of disarray. Konrad arrives looking like a gremlin, but when Bertie pours a nutrient solution over his head he changes into a fully-developed, perfect 8-year-old child. The factory realizes a mistake was made, and recalls Konrad, but he does not want to leave his new family and friends." A coworker recently described a movie she thought she remembered renting as a kid. In it a child is delivered to the wrong house in large can. We didn't believe it could possibly be real until we discovered this...Konrad. Starring Academy Award nominated actor Ned Beatty, please help us find the answer to the question how did this get made?!
  10. The rotten tomatoes audience score is somehow 81%, which is strange because this movie is GODAWFUL. It centers around an illegal immigrant from LA who becomes a professional soccer player in England. The story is derivative, the characters are wooden and one-dimensional, and the "soccer" on display is farcically bad. It cost 10 million and grossed only four and a half. Also, this fictional player doesn't join Manchester United, Chelsea, or another big club. He joins Newcastle United. And this movie got two sequels, that are somehow worse. It was nominated four two teen choice awards, and some other awards I have never heard of. Trailer: ► 2:16
  11. Might be the best worst movie ever
  12. Just awful. I don't know what is worse; the film itself or this Wikipedia summary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qry7XccmQKo https://en.wikipedia...ippie_in_Israel "Young American hippie and war veteran, Mike (Asher Tzarfati), travels to Israel shortly after his involvement in Vietnam. Hitchhiking and "bumming around" Hippie Mike meets up with three Israelis along his journey — stage actress Elizabeth (Lily Avidan), another female hippie friend (Tzila Karney), and her Hebrew-speaking boyfriend Komo (Shmuel Wolf). They join a larger group of hippies and decide to form an isolated community on a deserted island, where they can live in peace "without clothes, without government, and without borders." The hippies are not without their foils, and find them in two gun-toting, top-hat-clad, mime-like enforcers (who regularly appear out of nowhere) and who are out to make Mike's life miserable. Reviewer Brian Orndorf notes that, “Sefer doesn't explain who these guys are or what they're ultimately after, hinting that the duo might be the personification of "The Man" out to silence the hippie uproar.” Led by Hippie Mike, the quartet of hippies manages to survive a gun attack by the mad mimes and the group flees to the uninhabited island. On the road trip to the island, the hippies quickly forget their worries, tossing their clothes in the wind and enjoying the ride in Elizabeth’s chic convertible car. As they drive down the Israeli coast, they stop along the way to make love, to drive in circles for no reason, and to pick up the supplies they'll need on their island (including the purchase a bag of groceries and a live goat). They finally arrive at the island and park their car on shore, using a small dingy boat to row their way out there. Once on the Island, the elated hippies do a free form dance, stripping off their clothes and when dusk hits, they settle in for some delicious canned food by the fireside. That night, the hippies pronounce their love for each other and proclaim how, “full of shit” the world is. They wake up the following morning to find that both their boat and the goat have mysteriously vanished overnight. Shark-infested waters then make it impossible for any of them to swim to the mainland where the car sits on shore. As the women get hungry and tempers flare, the men forage for food, winding up with nothing but a handful of barnacles that Mike manages to scrub off of some rocks. Much like the story that clearly was an inspiration, The Lord of the Flies, when push comes to shove, the idyllic situation quickly from Eden to hell and the dark psyche of the Hippies’ true nature is revealed in the end."
  13. IRONicmerMAN

    Rancid Aluminium (2000)

    This is hot garbage. There's not even a description on Wikipedia. Despite a couple decent cast members, "Rancid Aluminium" is just, well, rancid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rancid_Aluminium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AibNZoDSXt8 "Rancid Aluminium is a terrible mess from first-time feature director Ed Thomas, with a screenplay by James Hawes adapted from his own bestselling novel. It's about a young guy Pete (Rhys Ifans) and his dodgy accountant mate Deeny (Joseph Fiennes), who, to save their failing London business, get involved with the Russian mafia. This film succeeds in getting its cast - some of the brightest and best of British character actors, young and old - to give the worst performances imaginable. Joseph Fiennes does a one-eyebrow-raised smirk, with a bad Irish accent. Tara Fitzgerald plays a beautiful Russian woman whose accent veers wildly around and appears, at some stages, to be dubbed. The plot is all over the place, eventually incomprehensible, and very, very boring. The film-makers clearly have not the slightest interest in how the Russian mafia really look or behave, remaining content with a silly, uninteresting vodka-commercial caricature. This film wastes a lot of talent."
  14. IRONicmerMAN

    I Am Wrath (2016)

    More hot garbage from John Travolta. Nicolas Cage was initially set to star, but the project stalled, leaving the door open to Cage's "Face Off" costar. My question: would this have stayed in single digits on Rotten Tomatoes if Cage held on to the lead role? This one hurts, because Christopher Meloni is great. Alas, even Michael Keaton was involved in schlock such as "Jack Frost". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Wrath "Unemployed engineer Stanley Hill (John Travolta) witnesses the murder of his wife, Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay), when she is attacked by a gang of thugs in a parking garage. Wracked with guilt over his failure to save the woman he loved, Stanley is tortured by the haunting image of Vivian dying in his arms. When Detective Gibson (Sam Trammell) and other corrupt police officers are unable to bring the killers to justice, Stanley turns to his old friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni), and decides to take matters into his own hands. It is only then that Stanley and Dennis find that they share a mysterious past that, until now, they have kept very well hidden. As they embark on their campaign of vengeance, Stanley uncovers a conspiracy that leads to the upper ranks of the government, and those involved in the cover-up soon realise that Stanley and Dennis are far more dangerous than they could ever have imagined...."
  15. GwendolynMarie

    Extreme Days (2001)

    Straight from Wikiepdia: Extreme Days is a 2001 Christian-based comedy romance film about four boys on a roadtrip that they have been planning their whole lives. Their dreams are to participate in many extreme sports, but they are stopped short due to many circumstances. It's legit terrible. Like the plot is straight out of a regular teen film, but the "Christian" storyline is just about virginity and not trying to pressure girls into have sex before they're ready and/or about being angry. The acting is awful, the "extreme" sports scenes are lame, and the writing is horrendous. Let's just say there's an extended scene of boys setting their farts on fire.
  16. IRONicmerMAN

    Pulgasari (1985)

    Pulgasari, North Korea's Godzilla. The description seems eerily similar to how the ruling family has lorded over DPRK, yet stops well short of demonstrating how ridiculous the movie turns out to be. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulgasari "In feudal Korea, during the Goryeo Dynasty, a king controls the land with an iron fist, subjecting the peasantry to misery and starvation. An old blacksmith who was sent to prison creates a tiny figurine of a monster by making a doll of rice. When it comes into contact with the blood of the blacksmith's daughter, the creature springs to life, becoming a giant metal-eating monster named Pulgasari. The evil King becomes aware that there is a rebellion being planned in the country, which he intends to crush, but he runs into Pulgasari, who fights with the peasant army to overthrow the corrupt monarchy." Legacy: "Pulgasari has gained some popularity over the years because of the shocking story of Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee's kidnapping at the hands of North Korea's government. During their strange captivity in the country the Shin and Choi were, respectively, director and leading actress in a number of North Korean films produced by Kim Jong-il. The director and leading actress made together a total of seven films, for which the couple - who were separated before their kidnapping and eventually rekindled their romantic relationship while in captivity - was simultaneously commissioned and forced to do by North Korea's goverment."
  17. I didn't see this in the forum, so apologies if it's already made the list. Another MST3K review, The Final Sacrifice (aka Quest for the Lost City) is a real mess. A Canadian mess, to boot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Final_Sacrifice "The protagonist, Troy McGreggor, finds a map belonging to his late father, who was shot seven years earlier, as the first scene depicts. Troy’s father, Thomas, was an archeologist who met his untimely death after becoming involved in a plot with a mysterious cult led by a strange man named Satoris (Shane Marceau). The orphaned Troy decides to follow the map to learn about the circumstances of his father's death. The cultists learn about Troy and his father's map and begin chasing him in a black Ford Torino, but Troy escapes by outrunning them on his 10-speed bicycle. The cultists refuse to give up, however, and in a final attempt to escape, Troy jumps into the back of a battered pickup truck heading into the Alberta countryside. The truck belongs to a drifter with the unusual name of Zap Rowsdower. At first Rowsdower considers turning Troy over to the police, but after Troy helps him to fix his broken-down truck, he decides to let Troy stay with him. At a campfire that night Troy asks Rowsdower lots of questions, which irritates the grumpy Rowsdower, who drinks lots of beer and rubs his tattooed left arm as if he's in pain." MST3K Best Of: MST3K Rowsdower Tribute:
  18. I'm just going to leave this here. I don't know when/if this will grace our screens, but I really, really hope so. It sounds epic...Chinese billionaire putting up $130 million for film to rival Avatar, mermaids, Greek mythology, budgetary problems. Sounds like a recipe for...something. Trailer: https://read.atavist.com/sunk "The script called for an epic battle. In the movie’s third act, the forces of the Eight Faery Kingdoms defend their aquatic empires from annihilation by the evil Demon Mage and his spectral legions. Five hundred extras would play the opposing armies." https://en.wikipedia...res_of_the_Deep "As of July 2016, the film remains unreleased, going through 4 directors, 10 scriptwriters and with many of the acting, production and technical crews still unpaid."
  19. Want to read a funny thread where racist white supremacists argue about Jason’s race? While they are purely arguing if Jason is really white and if he could hypothetically date their daughters. The real question of “should you let Jason date your daughter not based on the fact if he is white or not”, but because he is JASON FUCKING MANTZOUKAS!!!!
  20. DarrenJaynarayan

    Juwanna Mann (2002)

    I am surprised you guys haven't done this one yet, but after recently re-watching this movie i'm hoping you guys talk about it.
  21. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm from Dallas but fly into LA for fun/work/going to Largo for Earwolf tapings about every other month. Apologies if there is a thread somewhere else that answers this question but I couldn't find it: Is there any kind of meetup thing, especially for folks who might be traveling from out of town, somewhere around Largo before or after live shows? I mean, I'm not above sitting in AbPHOlutely PHObulous by myself and eating soup alone but didn't know if there was a place to meet up and nerd out. I'm coming to the tapings of TAH on March 31 and Spontaneanation on April 2 and would love to know where to hang out so as to not seem quite so Miss Havisham. I'll hang up and listen.