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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 74 results

  1. Hot - Slunch

    My movie riffs and podcasts - SoWellRed

    Hey everyone, I'm using this thread to post my movie riffs and podcasts. My new podcast Applied Nostalgia is up. (Planning on weekly releases) I'm just using youtube/dropbox as a host at the moment. Me and a friend talk about tv shows and do some bits. It's a little Go Bayside, mixed with Hollywood Handbook. If you're wondering where to start, I'd suggest the Ready or Not or Trick or Treat episode! Podcast is here, with a download link to the mp3 in the video description: ----------------------------- New Riff! - A Canadian coming of age story. (Full description further down the page) Previous riff. - A failed tv pilot where an astronaut gets powers from the sun.
  2. Hey guys, we've got a new sketch comedy podcast called "Hollywood Gyros", we're tying in music and comedy for a variety kind of sketch show in the style of the Adam Sandler albums meets SNL, and would love for you guys to take a listen and subscribe. http://feeds.feedbur.../HollywoodGyros
  3. So, I was really bummed out when UTU2TM? went on hiatus, and was wondering what other artists deserve a podcast dedicated to their craft. Why not Weird Al Yankovic? I was going to suggest that someone start one about the parody king. But then I decided just to do it myself. I've been listening to Al my entire life (27 years) and consider myself an expert, of sorts, on the man. It's called "Me Talking Weird Al to You" and it's meant to be a parody (get it?) of everyone's favorite U2 podcast. It's got most of the stuff you love about UTU2TM? and my co-host is even named Adam. The second episode dropped a few days ago and we'll have new eps every Monday. Also, much like the U2 podcast, it starts off a little rocky, but gets better with each ep. Please consider checking it out. It's free on iTunes, or at http://dakotarimmer.podbean.com/ for non-Apple users. Thanks guys!! And I hope you...... found what you're......... LOOOOOKIIING............FOOOOOOOOORRRRR!!!
  4. Hot - Slunch

    Applied Nostalgia - SoWellRed Podcast

    Hey everybody, I figured I'd start a thread to share my new podcast. The basic premise is as follows. 1. We take suggestions for a show to watch (any show, as long as it's older than 9/11/2001). 2. We then get on mic and talk about it. We deconstruct the plot/premise and go on tangents about what the show means. Think of it as a sort of hybrid between Hollywood Handbook and Go Bayside. We change the show up each week. It's short, only about 27 minutes long. We'll hopefully do one every week or two and I'll keep linking them here if there's any interest. Here's the premiere episode where we discuss two classic episodes of Pokemon: http://sowellred.bandcamp.com/track/applied-nostalgia-101-pokemon Tweet suggestions for shows and episodes to @SoWellRed If we choose your show we'll give you a shout out on the intro.
  5. What is next for Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman? This has become my favorite podcast and I hope they continue in some fashion. I have loved listening to each U2 album in anticipation of the next podcast and love the chemistry between the two hosts. I would be all for an R.E.M. podcast or another band just to get into their catalog and have a reason to listen - it reminds me of high school when my friends and I would drive to Best Buy on Tuesday and excitedly buy the new releases of our favorite bands and listen to them all the way through. After listening to CBB for years, I know these fellas' opinions and musical tastes well-enough to enjoy being a fly on the wall of their musical conversations. I hadn't listened to U2 in a long while and am now really appreciating them again and the same goes for R.E.M. and several other bands. I would love to have a reason to go album by album through an artists careers (Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles all come to mind). At any rate, I've appreciated the podcast and am so thankful it exists!
  6. hi old friends, GELMANIA is back songs, videos, podcasts and tour info: http://gelmaniapodcast.com/ rate/subscribe on itunes: https://itunes.apple...nia/id807801382
  7. *POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED* Company Overview The Mid Roll is an innovative online podcast advertising marketplace and reporting platform. Launched in April of 2013, it represents nearly 45 shows from comedy and fitness to business and technology. The Mid Roll connects advertisers to the best podcasts with highly engaged listeners. The Mid Roll is fast growing, creative, and forward thinking. Responsibilities • Guide new podcasts and advertisers on to the site through demos, training and curriculum • Through a deep understanding of The Mid Roll show demographics, create and send custom and sponsor-specific ad campaign proposals • Facilitate successful, long-term relationships between sponsors and artists through regular and proactive communication • Act as the day-to-day point of contact for Mid Roll site members and prospective members • Draft compelling and clear ad copy for new off-site campaigns when needed • Quality control all assets on the platform (ad copy, airchecks, inventory, profiles) and field troubleshooting questions when errors occur • Assist in coordinating invoicing and payments for sponsors and artists • Help compose promotional materials, like the Mid Roll newsletter and press releases • Create and distribute curriculum for Mid Roll University using your expertise in planning ad inventory, doing successful ad reads, and campaign reporting Requirements • A professionally relevant BA/BS degree • A minimum 2 years of client service/account management experience • Prefered experience in online media, interactive, digital, or other relevant advertising • Experience and comfort with quantitative analysis of online marketing results - solid understanding of CPM model • Exceptional client service skills and abilities; professional, tactful negotiation skills • Superior organizational, time and project management skills and an ability to multitask • Great communication skills (interpersonal, presentation, written and oral) • Advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Drive • InDesign, Photoshop and Final Cut proficiency preferred Interested? Please email resume and cover letter to hello@themidroll.com
  8. Hello! Huge fan, I've heard every episode. Here's my plug theme. Everything you hear was recorded 100% by me. I used absolutely NO samples so it's completely a parody. Plug song: http://regularradio.bandcamp.com/ Please visit http://www.regularradio.tumblr.com to listen to the show or like on facebook at http://facebook....larradiopodcast Thanks so much! -Rob, host of Regular Radio
  9. I have a comedy podcast featuring music satire (real bands and fake), skits, and fake interviews. Please check out Regular Radio on iTunes. or you can go to www.regularradio.tumblr.com It's short, please give it a chance. All songs were performed and recorded by myself using no samples from the original. If you like it, share it! It's free! Thanks, Rob F Regular Radio Facebook Page
  10. treggles

    Cant' Stream Podcasts

    Recently, I guess about a week ago it seems earwolf changed the layout of the streaming button on all the episodes and now I am not able to stream anything. Is there a way this can be fixed?? New episodes are piling up and I would like to listen to them. Thank you
  11. CodySteeleWingard

    Spite Club Podcast

    A new podcast, my sister, one of my best friends, and I all chat about pop-culture. We tell stories of our lives, and our weird views on things nobody cares about. LISTEN! http://cannondalecody.podbean.com/ https://itunes.apple...ody/id599505550
  12. jonroach13

    Earwolf Studio Equipment

    Long time listener, first time caller... I've been searching through the forums to see what the audio equipment chain is in the Earwolf Studio. I know they use Shure SM7Bs, but does anyone have an idea of what is being used as the mixer and external processing (If any?) Thanks!
  13. Danny953

    New Podcast

    Hey maybe this is lame to ask but if any of you guys feel like checking out a new comedy podcast, check out Huge Quickly. It's a weekly podcast I started based in Portland, OR. It's been going for a couple months now and it's going really well. The idea is just a really relaxed interview, random topic type conversation with the news of the week and local comedian guests, or sometimes just our friends. Let me know if you like it or even if you have any constructive comments or anything like that. Thanks. www.hugequicklypodcast.com or here on iTunes: https://itunes.apple...eed/id581835452
  14. Hello People of Earth and welcome to How Did this Get Made the podcast where we try and make sense of the movies that make no sense, I am joined as always by Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael.
  15. cettelbrick

    Follow Networks

    Hey everyone. I'm new here. I'm Chad. Enjoyed viewing the forum for a while and decided to join. Also thought I would share my podcast network with you. I run a company called Follow Networks. Currently we produce 5 podcasts, 1 of which is on break. If you like funny and pop culture, I suggest checking out Mad Chat which is the pod that made us set up the company. We also do Instant Film Review, a movie conversation pod that includes some good humor and movie talk. It's at www.followthe.tv. Obviously they are all on iTunes. Search Follow Networks. Hopefully you'll check them out. We have some big plans for 2013, including some event appearances and a live events. Thanks for all the inspiration.
  16. Hey, folks. This cool idea was brought to my attention. It's something that TrackPFT has been known to do. TrackPFT holds a Pod F. Tompkast Twitter-based Listening party every once in a while. We thought it would be cool to hold a Professor Blastoff twitter party. Here's how it works: I will set a certain date and time for everyone who wants to be involved to listen to the latest episode of Professor Blastoff together. So you would follow @TigFansUnite on Twitter and at that particular hour, we all hit play on the latest episode of Professor Blastoff... The hashtag will be #PBOparty. It's kind of like live tweeting the Oscars or some other huge television event and tweet every single thought you have about that episode. It will be a fun party atmosphere, don't hold back anything. Get drunk if you have to. It's okay if you have listened to the episode earlier in the day if you need to be prepared. There are no bad #PBOparty tweets. Say whatever you want, feel, think. With that said, the next Professor Blastoff Twitter-based Listening Party will be held: None #PBOparty is the chosen hashtag Again, follow @TigFansUnite (if you want) on Twitter if you would like further details. I hope you will join us!
  17. Hey everyone, Here is our latest Podcast! Check it out and spread the word! Help us out! http://sidewayspodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2012-11-12T01_22_22-08_00 If you wanna get in touch email us at admin@sidewaysproductions.co.nz Cheers!
  18. Here is the latest Podcast from Sideways Productions! http://sidewayspodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2012-11-12T01_22_22-08_00
  19. I pay someone to cut my hair.
  20. Hi everyone on the earwolf forums. I produce a podcast called The Chomps The Cat Food Call In Show. The host is a cat, she takes calls from food, celebrities and friends and talks to them about whatever is bothering them. The show is improvised with up and coming comedians and improvisers (most recently we had on Mike O'Keefe who in the last year has opened for Tig Nataro, Micheal Ian Black, The Sklars and Bo Burnham) The calls range from a pulled pork sandwich starting a kickstarter for his band to Al Pacino and Matthew Mcconaughey celebrating the five year release of their movie Two For The Money. Everyone and everything is a character, the humor is beyond absurd, and its a lot fun. So check it out, thanks guys. Chomps on Itunes
  21. Hey earwolfers, I'm one-third of a Toronto based podcast See You Next Wednesday, and I was hoping to just get the word out / and possibly get some feedback and constructive criticism. We're at 10 episodes as of this week, and we've been trying to really tighten it up and make sure our segments more and more concise as we go along. Our main segment every week is Film Roulette, where the three of us roll a die and the two high rollers get to go see whatever movie looks "the best" that week (This week it was The Avengers, last week was The Five-Year Engagement, etc), and the loser has to see a stinker. Past stinkers have been The Three Stooges, Streetdance 2: 3D. etc. The twist is, the loser gets to force the winners to listen to an album of his choice all week. This week I forced them to listen to Kiss' "Music from the Elder". So it can get pretty painful. Another segment we do from time to time is Hero Swap, where we randomly pick an action hero and a movie and swap it out. IE: Would Action Jackson last if he was dropped into THE THING? Otherwise we do album reviews, movie reviews, trailers, and general tomfoolery. Any feedback would be helpful, we're still very new and working with equipment that we have available to us (I plan on upgrading to a new mixer very soon). Thank you in advance! Dan. http://seeyounextwednesday.libsyn.com/ (we're in the process of launching our own site but for now, there's the LibSyn). http://twitter.com/SYNWPC http://facebook.com/SYNWPC
  22. Well hello. I didn't see you there. Do you have weird stuff that happens to you everyday? Well, I WANT YOU! I'm doing a podcast show called, "I'm Not That Weird" which is about the embarrasing things that happen to me or the weird people and conversations I encounter everyday! I'm looking for a podcast partner so let me know! E-mail me at: amyperkinsonline@hotmail.com OR send me a message on here! Thanks, Amy
  23. If you're in New York tonight (April 5th @7pm) please come on down to the Peoples Improv Theater 123 E24th Street Downstairs Theater. I'll be reading some old favorite internet finds as well as new horrible stuff! I'll also be showing a video and reading some really stupid stuff with guest readers Dyna Moe & Nate Starkey! On top of that I'll be giving away posters and other podcast related materials! Plus I'll be celebrating my birthday after the show upstairs @ the theater bar! How can you pass it up!? New episode will be up after the live show video pops up. So watch the blog or the Facebook Page for updates!