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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 23 results

  1. This is not a “so-bad-it’s-good” pick. I LEGIT LOVE THIS FUCKED-UP MOVIE. It is a hoot. The acting is excellent, the cast is amazing, and the plot is such a genre-bending mixture of extreme violence, dysfunctional family dynamics and cringey interactions that it feels like a Coen Brothers Movie on PCP. As a bonus, it also gets funnier the further you get into it. It would be fun to hear the gang’s reactions. The plot, as far as I dare to describe it: Elijah Wood has received a letter from his long-lost father (whom he hasn’t seen for over 30 years). Eager for reconciliation, he tracks his father (played by Pontypool’s Stephen McHattie) down in a remote cabin. His father does not seem pleased to see him, however, and this extremely strained reunion rapidly deteriorates within the first third of the film. That’s the jumping-off point for a fucking wild roller coaster ride that somehow manages to stay on track through plot twists that would derail most movies. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re attuned to it’s wavelength, it’s pretty unforgettable. I haven’t laughed so hard while cringing in a long time. And you will never view pens or BBQ forks the same way again.
  2. Toasterpups

    Simon Sez (1999)

    Alright, This one Is the reason I joined this forum. Love the podcast, and I think this is pure gold. It's a 90's action comedy ( red flag) with Dane Cook ( red flag) and Dennis Rodman ( red flag!). Cook tries and fails to be Jim Carrey and Dennis Rodman has all the charisma of a piece of parquet, and it's got a villain that seems to be a rejected version of Buster Bluth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjJEBQCLbZ8&at=87 What do you guys think? Also, the Dane Cook raptor scene starts at 1:27
  3. PWGmark92

    Driven (2001)

    I really hope Paul, June, and Jason review this movie because this could be the film that could secure Sly Stallone into the annals of HDTGM history a la Nic Cage. Anyways, in case you haven't seen this movie, this is basically Sylvester Stallone's (and Renny Harlin's) piss poor ode to the world of open wheel auto racing. I won't give away the plot(you can watch it or wikipedia it, whatever), but this move has some of the most next level bonkers insane physics I've ever seen in a movie. Not only that, but you have god awful CGI(even for 2001), ridiculous dialogue, a nonsensical plot and the bane of every sports movie: cameos by athletes who don't know how to act. Oh, I almost forgot, Burt Reynolds being Burt Reynolds...but this time in a wheelchair!* *fun fact: His character is based on F1 legend and team owner Frank Williams Even if you haven't seen the movie, I think this behind the scenes mini-documentary gives you a taste of what to expect if you do end up watching it: As a person who appreciates and is a fan of bad movies, this movie is fucking incredible. However, as an engineering student and a life-long fan of racing, this movie makes me want to eviscerate Stallone and Harlin for doing such a pathetic job of capturing American open-wheel racing and the science behind it. Not only that, but you could argue that this movie had a very small part in killing off whatever shred of credibility and popularity CART, America's primary open-wheel racing series from 1979-1996, had left by 2001 since the movie was essentially a giant commercial for the series and the series itself was hoping that the movie would make them hip again to American Motorsports fans. To make a long story short, it did not.* *fun fact # 2: The series changed it's name to the Champ Car World Series a few years after this movie came out and by 2008 ceased to be due to bankruptcy. The series ended up folding into the Indy Racing League which eventually became what is now known as Indycar. Anyways, sorry for ranting about this movie, but, yeah, I'd love to see the HDTGM trio + guest lay into this shit fest. Also, sorry for all the boring real life facts about open wheel racing in the US. Can you tell I like Indycars?
  4. theflyhitter

    Greta (2018)

    A movie which fits perfectly in category Thank God It Got Made. Chloe Moretz finds Isabelle Huppert's purse in subway, and a friendship begins from there until it culminates on stalking and insanity. Pure amazingly batshit crazy performance of Huppert, a BONKERS third act and the scene TWO SUPPOSED dream sequences makes a movie tailor-made for the show.
  5. Shemoonyachooch

    Supervan (1977)

    I have to share this gem. It's the Citizen Kane of Vansploitation movies. Every second of this movie is insane. Charles Bukowski has a cameo as a water boy in a wet tshirt contest. Much of the movie is shot verite' on site at the Freak Out '76 Van rally in "Vansas City". Its terrible in the most perfect ways. I could watch this movie 100 times and find something new to laugh or cringe at everytime.
  6. kellsndudz

    Cool Dog (2010)

    Cool Dog is a kids' movie written and directed by Danny Lerner, the producer of Expendables 2 and Expendables 3. The stepmother, who is played by Christa Campbell, got her start in erotic film. The dad is played by Michael Pare, who has acted in 159 movies and is still going strong. Jackson Pace played both Jimmy in Cool Dog and Luke on 'Grace and Frankie'! Although, I'm sorry to say I'm not sure who played Rainy (aka Cool Dog). Maybe Jackson Pace knows? Here's a trailer that shows maybe 5% of the nonsense in this film: (btw: the trailer opens with 15 seconds of production logos) I was going to write a plea for you all to do this movie but I found a review from pmcguired that perfectly captures this movie's essence: Forget Everything You've Ever Seen in a Kids' Movie Until Now 18 February 2011 "Wow! It's all I can say. My family and I sat down to watch this movie on Pay-Per-View with low expectations and 90 minutes later we looked at each other in stunned but ecstatic silence. Pixar is dead. Long live "Cool Dog"! Forget "Toy Story Three's" clumsy existential platitudes. Forget "Up's" amateurish attempt at depicting the essence of life. Forget "WALL-E's" trite and downright mean spirited imagining of man's future travails... There is a new player at the table and he is "Cool Dog". This is the movie that all generations have been yearning for since cinema began. And at its core is a plot that skewers the ups and downs of modern life so perfectly, so simply- that it should be used as template for mankind's evolution for the rest of the 21st Century. Marvel at the thespian master class on show as your feelings ricochet from sheer bliss to the deepest angst- following a twisting pathway of emotions that leads, ultimately, to enlightenment. Michael Pare's acting is UNSURPASSED in modern cinema- surely directors such as P T Anderson, the Coens and indeed Scorsese must soon be knocking at his door (although I can tell you- Hollywood need look no further for their Eisenstein than director Danny Lerner, the man at the helm of this masterwork). When Pare watches his son going to his new school in New York City for the first time, the unspoken angst that shudders his broad shoulders caused my wife a near aneurysm. Please, I beg you, fellow IMDBers, movie lovers everywhere- exalt this film to the masses, to peoples from all walks life, so that they can experience THE PERFECT MOVIE. Bravo." Also, and most important: it's on Amazon Prime!! P.S. I am flying in from Michigan to go to the 9:45pm Medford MA showing on July 25th. I would LOVE if you guys did this movie. I was in a really weird place after college and I watched this movie about 12 times in 2 months. Cool Dog was my piece of corn (Hyperbole and a Half by Ally Bosch). Cool Dog is like electroshock therapy - it is so confoundingly confusing that it resets your brain back to its factory settings. I'm not going to lie - this movie may have saved my life.
  7. GroveRita

    Jauja (2014)

    Although Jauja was critically acclaimed, it starts out slightly odd, and then about an hour in, it makes a jump to next-level bonkers. I would love to hear Jason, June, and Paul's theories about it! Festival trailer:
  8. JohnELTenney

    The Visitor (1979)

    This is obviously the best Jesus and Commander Yahweh fighting Sateen with birds while Sam Peckinpah performs abortions on Lance Henriksen's devil basketball baby in the hopes that Glenn Ford and Shelly Winters save the Earth from a pong playing, ice skating killer child who does gymnastics after shooting her mom. Totally avilable on You Tube in like 12 parts.
  9. This one might be hard to find but if you can watch this trailer and not IMMEDIATELY make it the next episode, I don't know what to say. http://www.artistdirect.com/video/secret-agent-00-soul/58377 This is a post-Jedi Billy Dee Williams as James Brown, the black secret agent, in some sort of neo-blaxpoitation-yet-crazy-racist bonkers-ass Bond parody that involves, and I'm not kidding, rapping mummys and fart jokes, so many fart jokes. Notice also the director/producer/writer/co-star is one Amanda LeFlore (plus husband Julius), meaning this was somebody's vision. This might be hard to find 5-star reviews on Amazon for Second Opinion.
  10. Ken Russel's interpretation of The Who's classic rock opera is completely indulgent and insane, filled from top to bottom every piece of symbolism Ken could fit into any given frame. As the lead Roger Daltry stares his way through most of the movie. Other members of The Who show up as well, notably Keith Moon as creepy Uncle Ernie. Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, and Elton John make appearances as well, along with singing as good as you would expect it to be from Jack Nicholson and a super scummy Oliver Reed. The highlight though of course is Ann-Margaret dry-humping a hot dog pillow while a room gets filled with baked beans:
  11. I know they don't normally do comedies but I was re-watching this movie last night and holy shit. The simple fact that Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson are the leads in the same movie is enough to ask 'how did this get made?' but there is so much more... Highlights: Jack Nicholson plays a manipulative psychiatrist who in every scene threatens Adam Sandler with prison if he does not obey his every command. An example of his command: go up to a woman at a bar and tell her you are about to 'expode in your pants' Adam Sandler works as an executive assistant whose one tasks seems to be designing clothes for cats. There is a scene where Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler share a bed together. Jack Nicholson strips naked and farts. That's right. THE Jack Nicholson. Farting. He agreed to this. John C. Reilly as a converted Buddhist who gets into a fit fight with Adam Sandler because Sandler tells him he had sex with his disabled sister. It's okay because he was only joking yet somehow that allows him to advance to 'level 2' of the anger management program. Heather Graham in her underwear eating chocolate cake and throwing said cake at Adam Sandler because he tells her he has a girlfriend and won't have sex with her. Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani (actually) delivering the famous "you can do it!" line normally reserved for the incomparable Rob Schneider. The whole plot of the film was an elaborate setup by Marisa Tomei to get Adam Sandler to propose to her. This clusterfuck of a film was supposedly the inspiration for Charlie Sheen's show of the same title although there is literally no similarity except that they both feature an anger management group. That's just a few highlights. There is so much more. I didn't even mention the batshit insane John Turturro performance. Seriously, watch this movie. It is Old Dogs level bonkers. Paul, Jason, June, unpaid intern who moderates this page we need an episode about this film, urgently.
  12. "Dr Daniel Jekyll researching into drugs that would help mankind avoid surgery discovers a white powder that unleashes the animal in every man, and in his case turning him from a shy and timid doctor into a wild sex crazed party animal. To the delight and dismay of both his rich fiancée and stripper girlfriend." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jekyll_and_Hyde..._Together_Again I would love to hear their take on this movie.
  13. This movie is on HBO right now and it is totally insane. Charlize Theron is married to Johnny Depp and they both have pretty much the same haircut. Charlize looks terrible and is doing basically a really depressed version of her character from "Devil's Advocate." Their last name is Armacost, I'm still trying to figure out what I suspect is the deep meaning intended behind it. Pregnant Charlize salsa dances around her apartment, alone, while spraying whipped cream in her mouth. It's one jump scare after another, and not a single one of them lands. Charlize tries to give herself an abortion. "It was the warmth of your vagina" is a line Johnny Depp actually says. The protagonist is a radio. This. Movie. Is. Nuts.
  14. This hasn't even come out yet but I can tell it would be perfect for the show. Preacher's son wants to be rock singer but soon finds out he bears a striking resemblance to an already established star who is meant to come off as Elvis. The wigs alone shown in the trailer are insane and the fact that the first billed person is Seth Green who appears to be the third or fourth most important character while the main actor is billed below five other people including Joey Pants who plays a grease monkey, makes this a must do for the show.
  15. tbonebananas

    Class of 1984 (1982)

    It's like Dangerous Minds, but instead of connecting with her students, Michelle Pfeiffer's husband is gang-raped. I know you have questions, so: Yes, a teacher is terrorized by a punk rock gang of high school students led by a piano prodigy. Yes, it features Michael J Fox in one of his early film roles. Yes, it came out in 1982, which means the film is alarmingly accurate with its predictive abilities. Yes, Newsweek called it "The Class of 1982 with herpes." Yes, that same year Newsweek published a story: "Herpes: the VD of the 80s." So, yes, by the transitive property of mathematics, this movie is kind of the VD of the 80s. The only problem is it might be too good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wFVpKYNvRU
  16. speaking as a hispanic person this movie is straight up insane the plot if there even is one is about people going to south america to help people in need but there plane crashes and they are taken by savages and are tortured. the thing that makes it insane besides the fact that one of the characters believes 9/11 was an inside job is that this movie was made in 2015 and rotten tomato gives this movie 35% and Eli roth is a great director but this movie is just something that no one wanted.
  17. I'd like to know what everyone's opinion is on Rocky 3 -- this is my first recomendation on this forum, but I don't see any discussion of this classic in the Rocky pantheon. I rewatched Rocky 3 recently and so much of this movie is legitimately bonkers -- endless montages, the birth of Hulk Hogan: public figure, Mr T playing a legitimately terrifying character, the casual racism of 80s Hollywood, plus boatloads of half-naked men drenched in baby oil. But there is a sincere theme in this movie. Rocky goes soft after tasting success, he is deluded that he is still good, and then he fails when his mettle is truly tested. Everything is thrown into doubt for him -- was he ever good, or was he merely lucky? And then cut to more training and fighting montages. Mr. T's performance in this film cannot be overstated. For someone who became a beloved public figure know for being gentle with children, Mr. T as Clubber Lang is --holy shit-- a masterpiece in the characterization of the black rage of the 60s and 70s, class rage, defiance, and will. Please Please consider this movie for HDTGM, preferably with Matt Jones as the guest.
  18. deuce511


    Nic Cage. John Travolta. Both appeared in multiple episodes of How Did This Get Made which makes them the kings of bad movies...and yet, nobody has discussed their epic film together. Do it.
  19. SteveYeocero


    I came across Gunday (Outlaws) after reading an article about on FiveThirtyEight explaining why it is (currently) the lowest rated film on IMDb. (See article here: http://fivethirtyeig...-movie-on-imdb/) Right now, the movie sits at a rating of 1.7. The next lowest is Birdemic: Shock & Terror at 1.8. Basically, the film angered a very vocal group that felt the film misrepresented India's role in Bangladesh Liberation War (BLW). Through the magic of the Internet 40,000+ gave the film a "1" score on IMDb (and appear to have done a similar thing on Netflix where it's also rated "1-star"). I don't know much about the BLW or if the movie's representation of it is false or accurate, but judging the movie on it's own terms it is fantastic. The movie itself has little to do the with the BLW, as it it used mostly to introduce us to the two main characters: two spunky orphans who turn to crime to survive. After a murder, the boys hop a train to Calcutta and the real story begins. Cut ahead fourteen years and they've become the biggest, baddest, handsomest, shirtlessiest outlaws in Calcutta. Wanted by the law, loved by the public. Eventually, the "best cop in Calcutta" (play by Irfan Khan, one of the most famous Indian actors) is put on the case and is determined to bring the duo down. To add to the chaos, the two men fall in love with the same girl!! Will they get caught? Who will win the love of the beautiful cabaret dancer? To be fair, the story is pretty dumb, but for two and a half hours (yeah, it's a bit too long) feelings and shirts are thrown about and, in the end, lives are changed and lessons are learned. This movie has nearly every element a movie can have: crime, rags-to-riches, comedy, revenge, romance, action, melodrama and big, ridiculous musical numbers that Bollywood is known for. If it'd only had a ghost or a creature from some darkly-colored lagoon it'd truly have everything and would have been a ten-quadrant film. Gunday is great in much that same ways as Fast & Furious 5 & 6: they throw every thing in the film, race at 100-mph and take it completely seriously. Just like in those film it works wonderfully! Oh, and there's slow-mo running. So much slow-mo running! This movie is great!
  20. This is a real movie. Youtube just put this up in my recommended videos. This is... wow... just... look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drrkyFfVKNo From Wikipedia: "The Clones of Bruce Lee (Korean: 蛇形三傑 Death Penalty on Three Robots, Taiwan複製人李小龍:三龍怒火, Hong Kong: 神威三猛龍) is one of the most notorious exploitation films in cinematic history. It gathers together several of the Lee imitators who sprang up after Bruce Lees death (including Bruce Le and Dragon Lee), as well as performers from the real Lee's films and other veterans of the Hong Kong movie industry. It has been called "The Mount Rushmore of Bruceploitation films". I own some Bruce Le films, but man, I had no idea this was the level of post-Lee death exploitation at some point. Just... wow... I should mention that it's also, somehow, offensive to Brandon Lee (and really, oddly, prescient), because the earliest bad guys' (there are several) ultimate plan to kill Bruce Lee (no.1), after their kung fu assassins fail to do so, is to shoot him while he's a filming a movie... WTF!?!
  21. milkbread

    Mancation (2012)

    I made an account JUST to recommend this terrible movie. This is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt the worst movie I've ever seen. Thinking it would just be a mildly cheesy rip off of The Hangover, I got more than I bargained for. Joey Fatone is first billed in the cast, but he's barely in this pile of steaming hot garbage. This low budget project most likely spent all of it's budget on Joey Fatone and a few of the porn stars that are featured in the cast. They even reuse extras as different characters throughout the movie, for example the stripper at the beginning is later at a house party that takes place in a completely different state. The acting and dialogue and even the premise is such utter garbage, it literally made me ask myself the question "how the fuck did this get made?!". Plot Summary: Hopelessly depressed after walking in on his new wife and another woman, unhappily married Vince heads to Atlantic City with his three best friends, and finds that sometimes love shows up when you least expect it. Meanwhile, as Vince attempts to declare his love for his former high school sweetheart Rebecca (Danica McKeller), his fun-loving pals get caught up in the wild Atlantic City nightlife Here's the IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1866197/ Rotten Tomatoes: http://www.rottentom...mancation_2012/ The trailer (NSFW):
  22. wyldride


    This could almost be HDTGM: The Movie. It's in the category of how did something this awesomely bananas get made. It has a framing device of the producer of the film explaining the production all the way through this ultra-violent tale of revenge. It is completely and unabashedly nuts.