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  1. whatsuphotdog

    Thank you Scott and Harris

    On August 29th of 2019 my dad died. I loved him very much, but our relationship wasn't easy. I'm 38 with 2 kids now and I wished he could have seen more of them... My first and kind of last foray with Phish was in September of 1999...my freshman year at Berklee College of Music. I was a huge fan of Bjork, Nirvana, The Talking Heads, Gwar, and a plethora of other stuff. My roommate had 100+ live cassettes of Phish and had seen them 20 or so times. I had never heard of them and when he played them for me I was thoroughly neutral. That leads me to today...I still am. The reason I'm posting something here is because after my dad died I was having a hard time getting back into any podcasts. I've been listening to CBB since episode 50 and LOVE that show, but I couldn't turn it on. Same with all the rest of the podcasts I love. So I decided to turn on Analyze Phish. This is the 4th time I've listened to the show from start to finish. Hearing Harris was a sad comfort. He was one of my favorite people to hear on CBB and listening to him on Analyze Phish was so awesome. Hearing him talk about something he loved was heartwarming and hilarious. Knowing he was gone and remembering how sad I was when he passed somehow allowed me listen and laugh but also to grieve for my dad...I'm not even sure I'm making sense, but I wanted to say that this podcast means so much to me for so many reasons. Scott and Harris truly seemed to love eachother. All the art (content) that they made together I cherish....just like the good times I had with my dad. Sorry for the rambling. I'm so glad that this podcast exists and can't wait to listen to it again in a few years.
  2. Lyrics: It's time to open the plug bag it's time to open the plug bag So tell me what you've got to plug
  3. RuncibleShaw

    Vicious Lips (1986)

    It's a classic story. All-girl punk/new-wave band Vicious Lips has one night to get to the biggest gig of their career. There's just one problem: it's on another planet and their manager has crash-landed their (stolen) spaceship. It's like Jem meets Alien meets a lot of cardboard sets. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0163375/ This movie has everything: music, zombies, aliens, bug zapper musical instruments, breasts (for Jason), and an it-was-all-a-dream ending (also for Jason). I had never heard of this movie before I saw it on my local Comet channel. It's definitely a bad movie, but it has a lot of charm, especially the aesthetic and the music. It kind of drags after the initial setup but I loved the ending.
  4. Hope you like my plugs theme! Long time first time from across the pond... xxx
  5. Check out my CBB Plugs theme. Hope you guys like good Rock and Roll, uh, music.
  6. That sweet, sweet metal to melt your plug-laden FACE... aaaaaand its only 00:48. https://soundcloud.c...ugs-1-2-3-plugs Written, Produced & Recorded: Nicholas Nieblas & the Nieblas Family Guitars, Bass, & Vocals: Nicholas Nieblas Group Shouts: Lael (9), Mira (7), Emery (5) & Ruby (3) Nieblas \m/ >_< \m/
  7. kevinkelly212

    Squarespace Websites

    Hi Matt, As requested, here's my site, I made and host it on Squarespace: www.GetBrokenRecord.com It's art on music, I paint them here in NYC using old, discarded vinyls as the 'canvas' Also, a few friends of mine are also performers, so I got them to sign up too, one of them used the #Improv code (another used the #Besser code, but the site isn't complete) the #Improv one is a wild show where Improv meets Performance Art, my friend Kathryn Dunn runs it, called "The Yes, Yes, Yes... AND Show" Squarespace website here: www.YesYesYesAnd.com Hope you like 'em, and keep doing what you're doing. -Kevin
  8. St.Krebs


    Get Waxahatchee back on! They're coming out with a new album!!!!! Found them on I4H and fell in love.
  9. I R Nerds

    Circle of Fifths

    Hey there , new to the forum, but hardcore fan, currently on a relisten of all eps. I am looking to find any episode with Sean (mainly) referencing the circle of fifths or anything related to music theory, or music advice. Any help appreciated!
  10. https://soundcloud.c...darling23/plugs My submission to the CBB plugs contest! And the next big hit at festivals this summer. Downloadable!
  11. BACK TO SCHOOL - by Anarchic Whims Announcer: “If you’re not looking forward to going back to school: don’t worry, you’re not the only ones…” [sFX: Banging wood. Anthony’s House, 8:15am.] Mum: Anthony! You’re going to be late for school! A: Yeah I know! I’m up, I’m up! Mum: I told you last night not to stay up late ——— [# Verse 1] Where has vacation gone? It felt too quick, I need a longer break, how could it be back to school again. Farewell to lazy days to Netflix through my holidays I’m up now to ride that bus to school Goodbye sleeping in, to midnight Snapchatting to having breakfast after half past ten, Back to hormoan hell (those words I cannot spell) And faking why the homework’s late again. [# CHORUS 1] (I’m going) Back to School, returning for a fiery start cos school’s reop’ning again, I’ve got my lunch box, uniform, books and pens, (cos don’t forget that customary need to bring new stationary.) Back to School, my heart is pumping hard cos education’s ten out of—- twelve and it’s the only place you can learn in town, It’s-why-I’m psyched and thrilled I’m back to school - to burn it down… again. ——— [sFX: Back to Anthony’s House, 8:16am.] Mum: I told you last night not to stay up late- A: Yeah mum, I couldn’t sleep, alright. Mum: Maybe because you were playing bloody Pokemon again? A: No… because I was really excited about school. Mum: Awww… Are you excited about school? A: Oh yeah. Can’t wait to go back to school. Compulsory full-time education - real Judi Dench. Mum: Well I hope you behave yourself this time - A: Shut up you unevolved Zubat. Mum: Pardon? A: I love you mummy- I’m off, bye! ——— [# Verse 2] I’m set-up underneath got fire-proof pants and vest beneath my clothes - Wow, I’m feeling so intensive. Pray my lunch box isn’t loose cos petrol’s in the orange juice Can’t waste now, cos fuel is so expensive Can I do the same and shut down school again? I know it can be done cos it was me…. (last term) who set the school alit, and got away with it Despite the fact I’m thirty-one and Head of Geography. ——— [sFX: School Yard: Mr. Anthony Bailey is approached by a student, 8:29am] Donald: “Mister Bailey, Mister Bailey sir! Is that a Fireman Sam lunchbox?-” A: “- Just, tuck in your shirt, Donald.” ——— [# CHORUS 2 (x2)] Back to School, returning for a fiery start cos school’s reopening again, I’ve got my lunch box, uniform, books and pen, (cos books are great for not just learning, stack them up - they’re great for burning.) Back to School, my heart is pumping hard cos education’s makes you go down and it’s the only place you can learn in town, It’s-why-I’m psyched and thrilled I’m back to school to - ————— [# THE ENTIRE SCHOOL CHOIR JOINS IN] [Mister Bailey riffs over the school choir.] Back to School, [A: "Burn..."] returning for a fiery start cos school’s reopening again, [A: "I'm gonna burn the school down! Burn."] He’s got his lunch box, uniform, books and pen, [A: "Your lunch, books and pens, aww..."] (cos books are great for not just learning, stack them up - they’re great for burning.) [A: "Books are great for burning... yeah."] Back to School, cos Mister Bailey’s lesson plan [A: "My name is Mister Bailey..."] will set the world ablaze [A: "Watch it burn! Set ablaze"] And it’s the only place you can learn in town, It’s-why-he’s [A: "I'm gonna set the globe ablaze..."] psyched and thrilled he’s back to school to - burn it down. [A: "Watch me, watch me set... watch it burn..”] ——— [sLEEVE NOTES] ** Mister Bailey, Head of Geography at Fakenham Comprehensive School was caught red-handed and was arrested for attempting to set the school gym alight using petrol smuggled in via an orange juice container. He was immediately expelled from the premises. You could say he was 'fired'. ** ** In other news: A Fireman's Sam lunchbox was also coincidentally found at the scene of the crime. Please check with younger siblings to make sure they have not mistakenly left it. The kindergarten/reception class have no idea how it got there.**
  12. Hey guys. Long time listener, short time whatever. Here's a quick little track I did for the plugs theme song. Hope you enjoy it. It was recorded through an anus of a microphone. https://soundcloud.c...ah-hey-plug-man
  13. VladimirZeleny

    'Harris' (Wittels) song

    Not sure where to post this, but I wanted to share. I wrote a song recently about addiction, suicide, depression, overdose, Harris, and my own personal loss. You can download it free off soundcloud. It encompasses my feelings and is called Harris. There is no drum/rhythm track and the harmony is meant to sound like Don't Stop or We'll Die https://m.soundcloud.com/vevoda/07-harris Thanks
  14. Here's my submission for a Second Opinions theme song, preferably for the Christmas episode but any other really (just think it would be cool for Xmas). It's made of love and cheesy music tropes! Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/chrischristodouloumusic/five-stars/s-SNoeP
  15. The volume of the punk music is way too loud compared to the dialogue. Please. Either stop playing the music (I would prefer this) or at least turn it down. 200 episodes later, it's still loud and it's starting to really piss me off. I can't be alone here.
  16. I will admit that I love this movie. The reason I think this movie would be a great show is because of all the product placement and bad music. I get that the whole story revolved around the over use of labels and branding, but the governemnt using to recruit? a music executive's over the top need for popularity? a crap boy band? please stop me if you've heard enough because I can keep going.
  17. Episode 128 last week started without the usual "Destroy the Orcs" and yesterday I happened to pull up 3 Inches of Blood 'cause I was listening to Glitter Wizard (who is used for another podcast's theme) only to hear that 3 Inches of Blood just called it quits. It's all your fault, that'll learn you for not playing them at the top of the show. :^o ref: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/3-inches-of-blood-to-disband/ (FYI: Glitter Wizard kicks ass too. Consider them? Podcast that uses their theme is the wonderful "Spellburn" DCCRPG podcast.)
  18. I thought I'd try my hand at a Plugs Theme. So here's this! https://soundcloud.com/thehumannatures/harriet-tubman-was-a-friend-to-most-and-i-sure-hope-shed-be-a-friend-to-me-aka-plugs-theme
  19. AaronMason

    HDTGM Theme Submissions

    My take on a theme for the Nicolas Cage segment on HDTGM minis. https://soundcloud.c...30am/hdtgm-cage P.S. I couldn't find a thread where other submissions existed, so sorry if there's a better place for this. I'm shit at forums. If other people want to use this topic/thread as a place for their stuff, please do so.
  20. Singer-songwriter Allison Weiss joins Tim Meadows, Lauren Lapkus, and Eugene Cordero in her secret sad dance party in musical episode of improv4humans with Matt Besser! Allison plays songs that inspire scenes about how the way people eat is the exact way they are in relationships, a day in the life of DJ Mofo, and a husband who finds everything he says funny. Make sure to get the Upright Citizens Brigade television show season 3 now available on DVD, the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, and Allison Weiss’ albums over at www.allisonw.com!
  21. A real comedy bang bang banger, if I do say so myself. https://soundcloud.c.../plug-said-fred
  22. https://soundcloud.com/stevecombsmusic/a-little-something-we-call Steve Combs - A Little Something We Call Plugs
  23. BrettMorris

    Howard's music!

    2014 EDIT: SUMMAH THIS SUMMAH THAT is here!! I think it's the best one yet. https://howardkremer...his-summah-that Please download a copy, rock it all Summah, and spread the word! Figure there should be a thread for How's music in general. What's your favorite song of his?
  24. I finally stumbled on this episode and loved the change in how you got the inspirations for the scenes in this one. The acoustic songs were great! Hope you guys revisit this again!!! -ken