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Favorite Earwolf Podcast

Found 9 results

  1. scudwolf

    Raw Force (1982)

    Bo-bo Charles Bronson Bo-bo Bruce Lee Bo-bo...Hitler?! Raw Force (aka Kung Fu Cannibals) is one of the craziest and most thoroughly entertaining exploitation films ever made. It concerns a group of martial artists from the "Burbank Kung Fu Club" who are taking a pleasure cruise to the mysterious Warriors Island, fabled to house the souls of dead martial artists who have lost their honor. Little do they now that a group of slave traders, lead by a man who looks like a chubby Adolf Hitler is in business with the monks of Warriors Island, selling them kidnapped women in exchange for jade. And once he finds out about their cruise's destination, he can't allow them to make it there. This movie is absolute lunacy from beginning to end. It starts out promising an adventure story, but soon turns into an action brawler when there's a Roadhouse-esque bar fight, then turns into a bizarre sex comedy for about 20mins until it segues into a jarringly brutal siege on the cruise ship by fake Hitler's cronies who look like they were rejected from 'The Warriors' movie because they couldn't all agree on a theme for their gang. Finally our main characters make it to Warriors Island for a final showdown with the Hitler gang, come cannibal monks, and an army of zombie ninja and samurai. I've never seen a true exploitation film covered on HDTGM before and it's understandable why. They're usually too easy targets, have too much boring filler between their awesome moments, and are sometimes hard to track down for viewing. But I think Raw Force is a special exception. The film at only 86 min in length is entertaining from start to finish. No boring moments. Even the filler is hilarious. There are so many bonkers moments in this movie, definitely enough to discuss for a full episode. There is dialogue and line delivery so bizarre and out-of-left-field that it breaks your brain. There are light-hearted attempts at comedy followed by scenes of brutal violence. Loads of casual racism and misogyny. And what appears to be a 16 year old kid made up to look like a balding, curly-haired, middle-aged biker (?). Seriously. Watch the trailer, track down this film, and tell the HDTGM crew how incredible it is. Trailer: https://www.youtube....h?v=ju27nZAeqjg
  2. SamanthaAshleyToledo

    Zoombies (2016)

    I just saw Zoombies and it is available at Redbox! It is absolutely up HDTGM's alley! It is so perfectly awful!
  3. Lesbian. Zombie. Cheerleaders. Well, they're not all lesbians. It's personally my favorite guilty pleasure movie (as a horror movie lover and a lesbian its kinda right up my alley) but I would not in any way put this in the category of "Good". It's like, not quite a full step above those FearNet movies, but like, maybe 3/4 of a step.
  4. Code Fucking Red! So the military creates a green zone to rebuild depopulated London, but when the zombie outbreak occurs, instead of a lock down with everybody safe in isolation, the solution is do the worst possible thing and herd everybody together. Oh and also, they kill the lights for some reason. And they didn't bother to guard the only infected survivor in the first place. It's baffling. Worst quarantine ever.
  5. Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies: Based on a best selling novel, which was based on a classic peace of english literature, which was in turn based on the emotional and social consequences of being related to rich white trash. The book being mostly written by Jane Austin, an English lady who has been dead for over 200 years, is considered to be quite good by many. The movie which needlessly deveates from the book is bad, very bad. The action falls flat, added plot twists make little to no sense, the acting is cumbersome, and the story is rushed so that you build no empathy for the characters. Except for Matt Smith, who is intentionally brilliantly cringingly awkward. In addition to the finished product being half baked, it was also released years after the frenzy of the zombie fad had waned. It had a budget of 28 Million, was released 02-05-2016, is no longer in theaters as 03-08-2016, and made just over 14 million. How did this get made? Why did they wait so long? What the hell is Matt Smith doing in this film? Why is Mr. Darcy such a Dick in this movie? Did all of the budget go to costumes and zombie make up? Why did I pay to see this movie in the theater?
  6. ArielleSpry

    Day of the Dead (2008)

    Bad CGI blood, and a scene where a tattoo floats down a stream. I love zombie movies but this one is horrible
  7. Even though they're kind of a punchline in themselves, I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Resident Evil series. They don't put the most thought into story, plot, or generally making sense, but they're usually a hell of a good time (and much easier to swallow if you think of each movie as an episode in an ongoing serial, and not a standalone product). That was until I saw the fifth movie, Retribution, in the theater this fall. Somehow, in a series that has made more and more money with each sequel, this movie manages to look like it had a production budget of about $50. The plot is off-the-wall bonkers: this is a movie where things happen just because, with nary an earned plot development in sight. During scenes in the middle of the movie, I wondered why everything was taking so long; by the time the credits rolled, I wondered why the movie had only felt 20 minutes long. Such was the magic of this movie's shittiness. A rich and pulsing vein of WTF.
  8. BhargavDesai

    Aaah! Zombies!

    Awesome zombie comedy from the point of view of zombies as they try to survive and find love while society tries to ruthlessly kill them. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtV3N9zRrJs The movie is available on Netflix. Imdb calls it Wasting Away. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1027762/ I will always love you guys whether you take my suggestion or not. Keep up the good work.
  9. thestray

    Cemetery Man

    This is one of my favorite zombie movies. I had it on vhs when I was in highschool and watched it all the time because it had zombies, a really hot naked chick, and some really bizarre moments that I found hilarious. I rented it thinking it was going to be a straight forward horror movie but it just gets progressively weirder and surreal. Movies like this kinda make me miss the days of renting movies with not much to go on besides the front and back of the cover. I feel like it's rare now to go into a movie with no idea what to expect. I like this movie, I think it's a good movie, but I think there's enough crazy for them to talk about in an episode. If nothing else though I just want to recommend it to people who haven't seen it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS-GpYY6f2o