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Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

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I've been going through the back episodes and this is the one I've been avoiding. I started it but so far I'm only halfway through. For me this is the worst movie ever made, and I don't even want to hear hilarious people talking about it.


Frankly it annoys the fuck out of me when people call something like The Room the worst movie ever made. That's not what "worst" means. If people enjoy getting together to laugh at how bad a movie is, it is by definition not the worst ever. It's providing entertainment, even if it's unintentional. If anyone voluntarily watches a movie more than once, same thing. "Worst movie ever made"-abuse is far worse than "literally"-abuse.


Nothing But Trouble, however, is a MISERABLE experience. It's not "so bad it's good." June calls it "nauseating," which is right on. There's no joy in talking about how awful it is, and you can hear that in this episode. A snuff film would have made for a more spirited, upbeat conversation.


If anyone out there is planning to watch this to be an HDTGM completist, please don't. I say that because I care about you.

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Listening to this again, so I just had to post about how much I loved this ep. I marathoned HDTGM last summer to get caught up. I listened to episodes even if I hadn't seen the movie, just to catch up.


But for this turd, I had to stop the podcast 10 minutes in and watch it before I finished.


Truly the most fucking bizarre movie I've ever seen. I was sick at the time, which added a layer of it being weird and me wondering if it was a weird fever dream.


Christ, what a movie.

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