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Going Overboard with Adam Sandler (1989)

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This is the one thing Adam Sandler is clearly embarrassed by early in his career. When you look through his website on his filmography, Going Overboard is not even listed on there, meaning he is deeply ashamed about that movie! Plus Billy Zane and Billy Bob Thornton of all people had very small parts in it! Also on the IMDb Bottom 100 by the way.

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I've have this theory for a long time coming that you can tell a lot about a movie just by the film poster art it's self.



See once again this theory has been proven true.


this movie poster art really does say it all.

I need to point out this is the real poster, Check it out on IMDB if you don't believe me.


Wow 1.9 out 10 at IMDB, this could be the one. I was hoping some day they would do "Grown Ups 2".

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Went on a BMB (Bad Movie Beatdown) watching binge and checked this out. Holy shit - within a minute, I was like, "The HDTGM crew needs to watch this"!


This is BIZARRE. This is... man, how DID this get made? I mean, it's not like Sandler was a star at the time. This was a vehicle for him at the BEGINNING of his career.


It has ZERO logic. I'm not even sure what the A Storyline is, and it has about 3 dozen other stories that begin and never finish. It's just a random group of dream sequences, song numbers, fourth-wall breaking camera talks, cartoon sound effects, shitty 80's style "shock comedians" who just swear a lot and try to mock undeserving audience members, hot 80's girls, fantasy sequences, time paradoxes (what is UP with Noriega's TV!?!), cuban dictators, assassins... it's SO WEIRD. It...


I don't think enough people know about this, that's all. I never heard of it until today. So here's the trailer for everyone else:




Please guys, I need to know. "HOW DID THIS GET MADE"!?!

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