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Unicorn City

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A slacker/pen and paper gamer attempts to lead his friends and fellow gamers in establishing a "Utopia for Gamers" in the mountains of Utah in order to get a job.


This movie was made in Utah with parts of it filmed in a comic and game store I've spent many many hours at. I thought it might be a fun, tame indie, and it sometimes is but most times....ugh.


The female characters in this movie are awful. One's a doormat, one's a slutty doormat and the other one has like 3 lines (but like 30 minutes of screen time at least). There was a pretty creepy and gross pre-rape scene between doormat #1 and one of the weirdest characters I've ever seen (Played by Napolean Dynamite's Uncle Rico).


There were some generally hilarious parts (Usually physical comedy), and I loved the characters of the main protagonist's best friend and brother, but the top bill himself is just bad. He can't act and he has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen, and his character is in no way worth rooting for. The story also makes little to no sense, and the movie isn't funny enough to justify the nonsense (something like Hot Rod but made by Mormon amateurs)


It's on Netflix.

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i watched this movie, it's not that bad. seems to be a lot of movies like this. The Wild Hunt was a good one.

I can't wait for Knights of Badassdom. I am really looking forward to this film as it has Peter Dinklage & Summer Glau, Steve Zahn. looks like a good film but it's been shelved once already and it's going to be released this year or so they promiss.




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