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How would you get someone into the show?

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My girlfriend's interested in starting to listen, but I'm not sure exactly where to start. We listened to (most of) the Pitch Slapped episode together, but she didn't quite "get it" when Scott Jeffries showed up. But she watched Kroll Show tonight, liked the characters, and wants to try again. So what...five? episodes would you use to draw someone in? What about 10? I think it shouldn't necessarily be the funniest episodes. For example, I'd feel weird about showing Time Bobby to someone, since it kind of drops you right into ALW insanity and I can see how some people wouldn't get it. Thoughts?

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Which one is pitch slapped?


The one with James Adomian as the American Apparel guy might be good if she's into fashion - his lists of clothing items is worth it alone


If she likes sarah silverman she might like the one where amy phillips imitates her, it's really great


Those best of year retrospective and chrstmas episodes are always amazing - but I'd say go with all the episdoes that have Nick Kroll as Chupacabra - and the ones with Nick and Jon Hamm together were amazing - like episode 12 and 34.


The one with James Adomian as that misogynist radio host #176 was killer


Bill Cosby Bukowski is genius every time


71 Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer was fantastic


I remember the one with Nick Lowe on it was great


Tig Notaro is funny in a deadpan way on some episodes and that might be more relatable

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Something for Daddy, Wipeout, and Time Bobby were my ports of call to get my wife into CBB. She is also a big Patton Oswalt fan, so the two-parter with Cake Boss was a pretty good way of getting her into the vibe of the show.


All of the above are pretty straight-up Scott hosting, straight-man "celebrity" guest, and Daly or Tompkins improv character. That combo is pretty much my go-to recipe for classic CBB.

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Pitch Slapped was a few months ago, had some of the cast of Pitch Perfect (Adam Devine and a girl who had a smaller role) and the writer. Paul Scheer's movie promoter character, Scott Jeffries, stopped by.


Something for Daddy's a great choice, good call. Wipeout might not be the best. She's not immersed in the world of alternative comedy at all. She likes Modern Family and Friends more than anything. I got her into How I Met Your Mother in an attempt to get her moving into a slightly "geekier" direction. I think Mantzoukas might be a little "too much" at first. Early Kroll episodes like a good idea, too. Unfortunately, her favorite Kroll characters were Liz (from PubLIZity, barely in the Christmas episode this year) and Jeff (specific to a couple episodes of Kroll Show).


Thanks guys. I still want to put together a list of 10 and a list of 5 -- not just for my girlfriend, for getting anyone into the show.

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I registered to answer this one. Start with a quality/classic episode that features someone she already likes. I started with the recent Poehler/Mantzoukas/Adomian episode because I like 'Parks & Rec' and thought Amy Poehler would be fun. By the time Adomian showed up as Tom Leykis, I was shocked and bewildered and hopelessly addicted all at the same time. (This was #176 that Johnny Haggis recommended.)


One of the next episodes I heard involved Garry Marshall. If you want to introduce somebody to character work, PFT characters (esp. Garry when not with Gillian) tend to be good for that because they're pretty easygoing characters with continuity. Since PFT knows he's gonna come back as Garry Marshall in a few months, he's not going to pack in as much full-on insanity as an Andy Daly type character. "Please!! Call me Garry" is very simple but very effective humor. Oh, crap, I just realized that "Call Me Mr. Marshall" was the username I wanted.


Based on your gal's taste, I think Garry and Patton are good starting points, and Something for Daddy is a great call. In other podcasts, have her try The Bugle.

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I'd go with Episode 44: We Got A Caller on the Line. It has Andrew Lloyd Webber and El Chupacabra. That's the one that made me go from loving Comedy Death Ray/Bang Bang to being completely obsessed with it. Amazing episode.


I'd also choose Marissa Wompler's first appearance, episode 60.

and Episode 74 with Jason Mantzoukas and Andy Daly

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