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Tuff Turf (1985)

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My first time on this site. My friend brought me to this awesome show. I guess my bad movie recommendations would be Tuff Turf or The Black Dahlia. I would probably go for Tuff Turf only because I couldn't wrap my head around how they got The Jim Carroll Band in this movie among other problems.


As stated in Wikipedia "The film begins at night with Morgan exploring the streets of his new neighborhood on his bicycle. The intro sequence features the song "Love Hates" programmed by Jonathan Elias and featuring vocals by Marianne Faithfull. It's a great electronic track with a dark edge, similar in vein to early Ministry (All Day, Halloween) and sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the film; with small sequences of this song occurring throughout the movie.

The song sounds nothing like Ministry. At all.

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Moved conversation about "The Black Dahlia" to its own thread

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Yes, this film deserves not only the HDTGM treatment but deserves to be seen by everyone. It is a neon, wet asphalt wet dream.


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Bumping this thread because Tuff Turf would be a pretty good episode, I think. Young Spader and Robert Downey Jr., California post punk nonsense that felt like it wanted to be Penelope Spheeris’ Suburbia or Alex Cox’s Repo Man but fell way short. It’s on YouTube:



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1985 James Spader, Robert Downey Jr, teensploitation,  and bad wigs. The world needs June's take on this film

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