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ill_eden - Saving the World (Ctrl+S)

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Hi. This is a song about doing good in the world, sort of.


Music by me, lyrics and vocals by Kordlyss (@Kordlyss, Illinois) and myself (@VincentEL, Sweden).

Kordlyss does the first verse, I do the second, the rest is probably fairly easy to figure out.

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I rather like this one, but it feels like it needs to be more cohesive. It feels like there are three songs with the same theme and same song going on. I like the last part most, which has the best premise (the first 2 thirds seem to say "I'm like this kind of hero" and "I better not do anything") with the idea of "saving the world" doing very small insignificant acts. That said, it's technically a very well done song with great sounds. It definitely doesn't sound half assed or thrown together. Good work.

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