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Get Vin Diesel to Nerd Poker

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I've already posted this message in the Episode 16 topic, but this task seems significant enough to warrant its own topic.


No idea if this will help with the #GetVinToNerdPoker campaign, but I knocked up a quick facebook page.


Seemed like facebook was one of the few official social media links available for Vin Diesel.


BTW, if any earwolf admins want me to take the page down, or if you want me to grant you admin rights, let me know. I'm a total facebook noob so any advice is welcome.


The main reason I did it was to gather "likes" (signatures) from other Nerd Poker fans.

And to mess around with photoshop... Check out Vin's SPIRIT LEOPARD :)



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Get Angelina Jolie on Top Gear: Liked.

Get Vin Diesel on Nerd Poker: Liked.


Anything else?




Nice cover photo too.

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Liked, now to twitter to Twitter bomb him to get on NERD POKER!

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