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You Move You Die

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This film from New Zealand is god-damn awful, but it's soooo bad you have to watch all the way through, just to see if it can get any worse.


Imagine if the casting director said "You know those terrible day-time bit-part TV actors that can't act to save themselves? We'll, we can't afford them" and then cast the whole movie with some people they abducted off the street... that's the quality of the acting in YMYD.


However, it is where I first heard one of my favourite insluts of all time: "Cock Jockey"




Mike has the girl, the time and the place. The problem is he doesn't have the ring. Before Mike has an opportunity to propose his engagement ring is stolen. Mike is desperate to recover it. He and his friends have one hour to get the ring back and make the date with his "beloved" Emma before all is lost. It is not long before it is revealed that Mike and his friends are not all that they seem. You move you die is a dark comedy filmed with a real time story.




The whole movie is here:

http://www.indiemoviesonline.com/watch-movies/you-move-you-die (US only)

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