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Posting Scripts Online

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Suppose we wrote a TV script a couple of years ago and don't have time to be shopping it around, networking, 'pitching' or any of this stuff.

And suppose it turns out almost nobody will accept or even view submitted scripts via the regular routes.


Does anyone know if there is a quality place to post an original script online?


In this case we wrote this 'Sitcom Pilot Episode' sorta thing about a psychiatric hospital and just seems like it wouldn't hurt to appear online somewhere.


But I'm not only asking for myself but I'm sure everyone else here has a sitcom or drama collecting dust on their hard drive?

Seems like there should be a place for them on the internet if for no other reason than - who knows - someone might give you $30 and do something with it?


Ideas, comments, help?

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I found simplyscripts but looks like they stopped receiving scripts for a while (possibly due to the horrifying porno I saw in their 70 Scripts List?)


But this 'Circalit.com' looks pretty interesting - huge thanks for those!


And wow triggerstreet lives - I swear I thought that was defunct but there it is!

thanks again!

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Yeah, dude. You should post a link once you've posted or uploaded it somewhere.

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Good news is that simplyscripts.com is accepting scripts submissions again:



I'm liking the idea of Circalit.com http://www.circalit.com/user/home/ and for hoots posted my stupid TV Sitcom Pilot thing:



On the topic of plagiarism, both sites make an interesting argument FOR posting scripts on their websites - it could actually work to the writers advantage being there is a real time, date, identification for your work. If anything you'd be more likely to catch out idea-thiefs and prove your work was first.

So they say.

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I think a site called HitRECord.org is exactly what you're looking for.


It seems like that might be more for songwriters and musicians but a cool find and I like that idea. Any musicians here? I know for sure I suck at guitar.

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