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Winning "Would You Rather?"

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Over the years I have dedicated many hours and resources into researching the Comedy Bang Bang segment: “Would You Rather?” This seemingly improvised game appears to be driven by host Sogg Hoggerman’s whims, but upon closer look you will find that this segment is LOADED with silent que’s, unmentioned procedures, and tactics that can be used to curry favor and increased point bonuses. I have compiled databases and spreadsheets with data(Contestants, each game’s point totals, data about what questions were asked by whom and when, etc.) from EVERY game of “Would You Rather?”. The following is a few bits of info that hours of research have produced.

• The first person to ask a question after the floor OPENS for questions wins the game 68% of the time. Take note how Paul F. lunges out with a question as soon as the floor opens.

• Asking the MOST questions increases your chances of both EARNING points and being DOCKED points. Laying low during questioning will increase your chances of staying even at zero.

• Asking a question AFTER the floor closes for questions is a death knell resulting in a large docking of points. Guests who have asked questions AFTER the floor closes lose the game 92% of the time!

• You can ASK for points! This tactic is little known amongst guests and seldom used, but simply asking for points can work in certain scenarios. I theorize that this tactic is most likely to work if you had remained silent during the “Would You Rather?” theme.

• Believe it or not there is an Earwolf economy so to speak. For instance, there is an exchange rate between Comedy Bang Bang’s “points” and Who Charted?’s “Comedy Bucks”. None of this is explicitly mentioned to us the listeners’ but observant statisticians such as myself have noticed that Guests who have earned “Comedy Bucks” on Who Charted are docked less points for infractions during “Would You Rather?” Howard and Kulap have even cryptically hinted at this fact on a few episodes of "Who Charted?".

• Speaking during the “Would You Rather?” theme is ill advised. Participants who speak during the theme are 6 times more likely to be arbitrarily docked more points than other guests during the game.

• CakeBoss has the all-time record for NET points scored, but does NOT have the most wins.

• Bill Cosby Bukowski has the highest winning percentage of all guests/contestants.

• Pope Benedict XVI has the all-time record for points docked in a single show AND has had the most combined points docked of all guests.

• Matt Besser (and characters) have the lowest winning percentage of any guest who has participated in the game more than 3 times.

• Tim Heidecker is the only player EVER to forfeit the game and their answer and has done so TWICE!

If you pay attention you will notice that there are tons of verbal cues. Since VPN has been broadcasting shows I have even noticed visual cues that The Hogg gives as well.


Good Luck!

Dr. Roc Hoover

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Please tell me you got an NSF grant to do this for your PhD thesis! I won't believe a word until I see all the data, the charts the numbers!!


Good work btw!

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Please tell me you got an NSF grant to do this for your PhD thesis! I won't believe a word until I see all the data, the charts the numbers!!


Good work btw!


Looks more like HATCH grant work. Still valid depending on the "impact factor" of the journal you publish in. Definitely MS worthy, and with more data points perhaps worthy of said PhD.


In all seriousness, this is awesome.

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I can't release the compiled data yet as the research is still on-going. Hopefully once all conclusions are realized the data can be released in an organized fashion!


The latest breakthrough: When guests NOT in character are competing against Characters, the NON character guest wins the game 72% of the time.


Chances FURTHER increase in the NON character's favor if the guest is visiting Comedy Bang Bang for the first time.

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