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Video game podcasts?

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Curious to hear suggestions of gaming podcasts that are out there, with a comedy spin or not. So far I've heard:


PC Gamer Podcast

IGN Game Scoop

Indoor Kids


Game Informer

Legacy Music Hour


Any other interesting ones out there that I should be checking out?

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Jonny, which of those podcasts do you like the most? I've only listened to The Indoor Kids and I enjoy it, but it seems like Kumail and Emily don't play many games. I also don't like that they're dicks about Nintendo, which is always a sign to me that someone just goes with what's popular and with what other people say. I'd like to hear a podcast with people who have great Earwolf-like personalities, but they also play pretty much every game that comes out that's at all worth playing.

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Giant Bombcast is the only one I listen to. It can probably be hard to get into, though. Each episode is usually 3+ hours and it can take a while before they even start talking about video games. But the GB crew is great, so it's worth it.

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I'm a big Indoor Kids fan but lately they seem to be getting off games and sometimes they get on high horses about social issues and its just boring. Yes games are sexist for the most part, I get it.

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Jonny, which of those podcasts do you like the most?


I like PC Gamer the most, mainly because in terms of game chat they stay on topic but never try to force segments to be about one particular game. So it feels more organic. I also play mainly on PC so personally don't need to worry about discussion on Xbox or PS3 exclusives.


I feel the same about Indoor Kids, some game chat is interesting but they get a little too off topic about things that really don't interest me.


Gamedians is alright, but it seems like every episode starts with 5 minutes of fart jokes and tend to derail game discussions into sex scenes in games, which characters they masturbate to and other silly nonsense like that.


Thanks for the other suggestions, will definitely check them out!

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Hey everyone! I'm new on here. Anyways I used to listen to Legacy Music Hour all the time, you may know me as "Family Jules" as the LMH guys have mentioned me on their show when I would either send them a listener response or a request. I do have a podcast called The Retro Relapse Podcast and Brent and Rob are a huge inspiration to it. My show isn't identical to the Legacy Music Hour, but it does have some similar elements. The Retro Relapse Podcast is a show where friends come together to review and discuss various movies, music and video games from the past along with playing retro trivia and classic video game music. We crack jokes and have fun while we do this so from fellow listener to fellow listener, I promise my show will not let you down. On top of that, we recently had an interview with VGM Composer Matt Furniss who also was interviewed on the Legacy Music Hour!!! So ya, hopefully you like our stuff. We are definitely wanting to build a community fan basis.









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I don't really listen to any video game podcasts, except the occasional Indoor Kids, but I do watch some Youtube channels pretty regularly. The Angry Video Game Nerd series is pretty hilarious, and the James and Mike Mondays are usually pretty entertaining. And I like Thunder's Call of Duty stuff, and the occasional Worm camping videos.

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