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Suggestions of Shows to Watch: Spike TV Edition

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I didn't see a place on here to post shows to watch and I figured I'd try and suggest two of the shows that I watch, the "Reality" shows on Spike that seem to be so set up that it's a wonder if these shows aren't set up every step of the way.


The show that got me started is World's Worst Tenants and it follows a former Marine who now works in Los Angeles as a Property Manager and goes to different apartments and houses when the owner or neighbors complain. However, what makes this show stand out is how many completely insane things the cast members of the show encounter.

In one episode they deal with a guy who keeps a live Alligator in his apartment, another episode has a man keeping bees in his three bedroom apartment and possibly the best episode has a number of Little People living in an apartment that they've converted from two Tall Person sized apartments into 4 Litter Person sized apartments. There is an episode where they catch a sweat shop in the act and there is at least one fist fight per episode.

From a tenant skinning animals in his loft to a bunch of rednecks making moonshine this show has everything you could ever ask for in a reality show. In fact it has a little too much and makes me think that the entire show is set up. I'm not saying that it is, I'm sure that they spend months working on the show and that each episode is probably a month of the craziest things that happen to them, but still it seems a little too much for it all to be real.


The other show is newer and is called "Urban Tarzan" and is about a man who goes by Urban Tarzan and lives in LA and captures exotic animals for a living. Again the show seems too "Xtreme" to be real reality. If it was just a cobra biting him, that I'd be fine with. If it was just a Lion getting out in the canals where they filmed part of Grease, I'd be fine with it. But when the cops show up at a call that they've already sent Urban Tarzan to, and where Urban Tarzan and his partner had caught two dogs doing it earlier in the week it just seems a little too much.


Love the podcast and look forward to more episodes. With the way my luck is I'm sure you'll be talking about these shows on the episode this week since I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

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