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Not shreddy, but still worth a listen if you have never heard. Cody ChestnuTT is another ATL native I really like. Why is he not super famous already? Neo Soul!

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Two of my favorites have already bene posted. Jeff Beck and Marty Friedman. I worshipped at the altar of Friedman as a teenage shredder, but really they both share the same thing, and that is mindblowing, impeccable, utterly unique phrasing. Their note choice is perfect, and the way they play each note sounds like it could take 100 takes to make it that perfect. Same thing with Gilmour of course. The more comfortable with music I get, the more I respect songwriters and people who know how to choose interesting notes, chord progressions and phrasing, rather than musical exercises.


Here's another guy who plays like an alien. Chris Poland. I don't know the best video of him, but look him up. He's more of a guitarist's guitarist though.


As far as bassists go, I think one of the most underrated is Paul McCartney. Listening to his bass playing in Beatles stuff blows my mind, sometimes it changes the whole song from how you understood it the first 1000 times.

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Guitarist / solo-project Haiduk - kick ass death metal shredding!






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