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Know your players

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The first time I listened in on Funny Or Die I fell in love. Just so happened, the 2nd episode came out the day before I did.


Blaine, who is this annoying asshole? I came here to liste... that was kinda funny. But seriously, I wan... okay, that was funny. Turns into this hilarium machine of... your charm is leaking on me. The guy can steal the show on a joke, that and he is playing a magic user. I honestly have nothing to say about Blaine because he keeps the show so alive in mindless antics, it works wonderfully. Much less, does it while playing a Warlock, and playing it well (4th edition aside). Does anyone remember what his charisma is? I keep forgetting.


Ken, didn't hear a lot of you the first few episodes, seemed like you were adjusting. Reclusive, but ready for an action. Then you said, "fuck it" and smashed Sparklet's cube. After that, you began to joke around more, and act like the dragon you are. Nice t-shirts btw."


Brian, dumb meat head. I saw D&D and your name. This will be funny, wrong! It has been spectacular. To the point that I am getting together a group for an adventure. Besides murdering innocent hostages by accident, you have proven yourself to be spiteful for no reason. I love it. You are the wildcard.


Sarah, women play D&D too?! I feel like you have stuck your character from the very beginning, and have done it well. Not only does the dwarf stake the group down (in the not murder everyone sense), you also bring compassion with you on the poor NPC's that tag along.


And don't forget Gerry. You are the shining light. Your role playing is astoundingly over the top. Seriously.


Mr. Sark, any chance we get to see a 2nd edition campaign? Your ability to adapt as a DM is terrific. Except for my first time, I have always wanted to be a player instead of DMing. Listening to you accept choices and change has rekindled that fire in me.


"The hook will not come out. I have no choice, before it happens, I feel it. The forest, calling me back. My last thoughts as living are of the kind look the dwarf gave me, while my new thoughts are of... grow"

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