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Episode 26 — Building The Track Pt. 10

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Dethklok’s Brendon Small rocks out on an 8-string guitar as he & Jon Daly join forces to create the band Sonic Oscillator and make some sweet Van Halen music!!! Along with Brett Morris on bass & Cyrus Ghahremani on keys, they’ll use their 20 minutes to make the classic V-Halen inspired track “Big American Pipeline”!!!!!

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Holy shit guys. This was crazy good. I LOVE Brendon Small. I would quit being a chemist today to roadie for him for free. Awesome track. I will be jealous forever as an audiophile and comedy nerd.


Shout out to Scofield, and Animals as Leaders. FUCK, this is soooo good.


"Thank you Cyrus...for that spacey sound."

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Excellent guest! BS sounded way more into this podcast than others I have heard him on. Then again, this podcast is pretty 8-string guitar-friendly, and that can't hurt things.


Building The Track dream scenario:


A Cyrus run/curated episode featuring a live collaboration of Barry R. and Dragon Boy Suede. I think they were made to work together.


Whatever they come up with would dolphinately get ladies to ride the porpoise.

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