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Artists, whiz kids, super geniuses of all varieties: please heed the call!


Earwolf's roadmap is teeming with cool projects, and we want to make sure we can hire from within our extremely talented fan community before having to seek help from SCAAARRY outsiders.


We're seeking your skills in essentially any field or capacity! If you are a:


- Designer

- Developer

- Artist

- Earwolf Super Fan

- Animator

- Filmmaker

- Editor

- Musician

- Something we perhaps didn't even think of


Fill out our form at earwolf.com/talent and let us know a little about yourself, and let us know how you think you'd be a good fit for Earwolf and its endeavors!


We can’t promise that there will be immediate positions available, but we’d love to hear a little something about who you are and where your talents lie, in the hope that we'll soon have an opportunity to collaborate.



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Submitted! I'd been thinking how great it'd be to work at Earwolf, and with more and more shows being made I thought maybe you guys might need another engineer. Hope to hear back.

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I have absolutely no affiliation to Jay Marks other than the fact that I've enjoyed his Earwolf clips on YouTube many times. I think Earwolf really needs to hire him in some capacity, he seems incredibly talented and he'd be able to compliment any podcast so well with his videos. Even if he just sticks to How Did This Get Made, his videos could gain millions of views with the right exposure. Below are some examples of his work; I really think you should reach out to him. I feel like he could be instrumental in creating a HDTGM TV show.




EDIT: I can only post one video, but you can see more on his YouTube channel.

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Submitted some time last week, and I am about to send an Earwolf contact page. Apologies for redundant information, but I honestly couldn't see being happier in any other work environment!

Graduated UCSB with a BA in design, have experience in marketing, event services, videography/photography & more, and am willing to take on anything that you throw at me.

Seriously. I will be your janitor if that's what it takes. Mike the Janitor ain't got nothin' on my scrubbin'.



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