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John Parr

NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

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Hey Earwolves!


It's me, John; I work here. Earwolf has a new live show- Earhump; it's dedicated to our fans. It's hosted by the staff (The We Won't Quit Our Day Job Players) and we need you to love us. Do you hear me, DAD????!!!!!!!!!! I'm just kidding. My dad's a really sweet guy and we all have our demons. It's important to remember that your parents are people, too.


We want you guys to call in and ask questions about the studio or anything else, and we also want to provide a forum to any music, supercuts or perspectives you want to contribute. We already have a regular caller- Brendon from Vancouver Island. He's a cool guy, but we know there are even cooler guys (and girls) out there who just haven't called yet.


What're you waiting for? We know all the secrets. We know all the tricks. We know where the bodies are buried. We've seen Scott Aukerman before! I want to tell you guys how he's fake tall but you have to call in to find out what his real size is. Hehe.


The show's at 11am every Wednesday at earwolf.com/radio


Call in at 347-514-9653 to be heard.


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Y'all, JAKE FOGELNEST will be on tomorrow morning's show. 11am Pacific. Be there or be square.

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This show's pretty good.


Thanks, yo! Appreciate your listening. Hopefully it'll keep improving.

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Who's leading in zingers?


We need John to post the zinger board. I'm pretty sure Gabe is leading, but we'll see.

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