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J Linc

Guests to Recommend

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Who else would like an official thread to recommend potential guests you'd think would be great for the podcast?


. . . Just me? :mellow:


Some recommendations:


- Seth Andrews for "Atheism Vol. 2" or "Religious Upbringing Vol. 2"



- Benjamin Radford for "Skepticism"



- Aubrey de Grey for "Aging"



- Cara Santa Maria for "Neuroscience" or "The Brain Vol. 2"



- Kyle Munkittrick for "Bioethics" or "Selfhood/What is the Self?"



- George Dvorsky for "Transhumanism" or "Personhood/Are Some Animals Non-Human Persons?"



- Nick Bostrom for "Are We Living in A Simulation?"


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Couldn't Hurt. Schedules permitting. I Would recommend "Missy Cummings" for an episode on drone aircraft or UAV's. She is the Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and goes on a variety of programs (of all sizes and audiences) to discuss and educate people on the technical and political implications of drones.

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