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Writer for scifi sketch comedy wanted.

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I am looking for a writer for a scripted comedy podcast (Machine Court - http://machinecourt.com ) which has run 19 weekly episodes so far. I'm currently writing 30-60 minutes of dialogue each week. I'm looking for somebody to write one piece that fits the show. And from that we'd see if it's a good match for regular work or more one-off projects. No experience necessary, but I'd like to see some comedy writing sample to get an idea of capabilities.


This is unpaid work. What I have to offer is the benefit of working with a great cast of people and the creative comradery that comes with that. In addition we have been and will continue to track time of individual contributors as the basis of any future royalty deals (e.g. if we end up selling past seasons of the show.) The podcast is nothing big yet, but everybody takes it seriously and we've got plans to get the audience count higher. It's all very... semi-pro.


I'm attaching the script from the last episode so you can get an idea of the writing. And hey, here's a link to the same show: http://seespacelabs....mented-reality/ If you like the show and want to join forces, then let's talk! Email me at ehermansen@seespacelabs.com


-Erik Hermansen

Machine Court - Season 2, Episode 5 Augmented Reality.pdf

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