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The Devil and Max Devlin

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The most annoying thing about this movie is Bill Cosby keeps looking at the camara like he thinks he's so dam funny and he's not. not in this movie.




lets make it so..


this is up there with Oh, God! You Devil. George Burns.


here is a fun game we can play how many times have you seen this movie. but with other actors in it.

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The time is now. Bill Cosby plays the devil in this weird Disney movie made in the buttcrack of Disney history between the deaths of Walt and Roy, and its phoenix-like return with The Little Mermaid. The internet has only failed me twice - I can't find a picture of Batman using a bat'leth, and no one has referenced this movie in the media following the Cosby allegations. Paul, June, and 'Zoukes, I call on you to remedy this. Hey Nong Man, don't let me down.

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