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Bob Ducca... RETURNS!!!

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For fans of Bob, he appears on the free Benson Interruption podcast - recorded live at the Del Close Marathon last weekend.


Sadly, bob is suffering from some new ailments. Let's all pray for him.

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Thanks for sharing! I like DLM but haven't been able to get into the interruption, so this would have passed me by. Glad to hear Bob is still around, if you want to call it that.

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Thanks for this!!!


Man, I miss me some Bob. I hope he decides to return to the podcast some day. I cannot forget snorting at the lists when he first did the CBB podcasts. I honestly still laugh at the lists... the character is just the best. Seth's well thought out delivery fits the character to a T. When you make other comedians lose their shit, you have something special... and I never heard Tig Notaro laugh like she did on his ailments bit.

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