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Gabe Danon

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We're conducting a test on our site, in which some visitors may see a slightly refreshed version of the homepage. Curious for any anecdotal details: are you seeing the old version (yellow content slider with guest headshots), or the new version (in-studio photos & videos)?


If you're seeing the new version, how does it look & work? Are load times decent? Notice any bugs? If so, screenshots, browser and OS information are always extremely valuable!


We greatly appreciate anyone who volunteers their time to provide information! And fret not: a full website redesign is on the horizon, and you guys. It's gonna be sweet.

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Got the new one here on my work computer! I like it! The bigger show logos look so much brighter and bolder now, and I like the incorporation of the studio pics.


Can't wait for the whole overhaul! Very exciting :D

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