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Sharknado: Tara Reid & Bystanders

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Two quick things that could have been hit harder this episode.


First of all, Tara Reid's character is so unphased by almost everything happening around her. She loses her boyfriend to a shark, watches her home crumble before her very eyes, watches her son fly towards a Sharknado, and watches several others die around her. The whole time, her expression is that of a person who's dealing with a flat tire. And it's not just her bad acting, almost everyone in this movie just does not care about what's happening. Almost no one cared when Nova "died."


Secondly, there was a scene early on where the team was leaving Santa Monica to go rescue Tara and Co. When they're driving on the (freeway onramp?) everyone is standing outside of their car or just sitting there. Why are all these people just unable to do anything but stare blankly until a main character comes and interacts with them? And the lady who locked her dog in her car, why did she get out of her car on the road in the first place?

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