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Episode 234 — Changing The Bandage

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SNL superstar Bill Hader makes his inaugural appearance on this week’s B-B-B-BONUS episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! Bill regales us with stories of his first SNL, going on a ride-along with a cop while shooting Superbad, and his wife’s upcoming directorial debut, The To Do List. Scott’s ex-stepfather Bob Ducca also drops by from a long soul searching venture to share some memories of summer from his youth. Sit back, open up a bag of butterscotch discs, and enjoy as Bill & Bob go head to head in a thrilling game of Would You Rather!

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Bill Hader doesnt "get" CBB does he? Kinda phoned this appearance in (literally. On T Mobile apparently)

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Has Bill Hader always looked like that? At first from the picture I thought he was the dude from 7th Heaven.

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I'd been wondering where Daly and Morris had been. What a ridiculously great week for Earwolf.



It's weird, it was starting to seem like PFT was the only one of the old regular character guests that was still appearing, then suddenly Adomian, Andy Daly and Morris all appear in subsequent weeks.

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What was everyone's favorite name from Bob's Hero Imaginorium? I'm partial to Remington Thunderknife and Rodrigo Bloodharvest.

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When someone says "I have no questions" on Would You Rather a few pounds of my soul wither away...


P.S. Apparently, Scott's having a laugh lately :)

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another great bbbbonus! i love hader but rejecting the my wife gift felt like i had to sneeze but it went away.. it left me empty hahah and ive realized bob is my spirit animal thanks choctaw!


are the spiders made of cereal?

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Ducca absolutely cracks me up every time, so glad to have him back


Also at times Hader seemed kind of out of it, but what he does at the end of the plugs is fucking gold

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I really, really hope that some superfan can transcribe the lists. Every name was fucking fantastic.

I can't tell if Hader was playing a part or really didn't know how the show worked. He must've been like hungover or something because he seemed a bit sluggish.

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Great episode with an amazing, shocking twist ending! Must be included in the year's top ten!


I wish they had time to go further on that tangent - "Daisy, Daisy", a 2001 Space Oddessy reference?

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I really, really hope that some superfan can transcribe the lists.






Atticus King: Private Detective

Remington Thunderknife

Omaha Nightblade

Langston Devereaux

Hank Marlboro

Channing Merchandise

Dave Navarro

Brick Pudding

Sanjuko Mamajuloko

Driscoll Mayweather

Devin Motorcycle

Ponch Gigabyte

Dashell Permanente

Rodrigo Bloodharvest

Chaz Steadyfist

Victoria Slash

Largemont Van Dyke

Paul Workswellwithothers

Maddox Goodtry

Michelle Potential

Norse Reagan

Logan Helpful

Hugg Niceman

Det. Frank Shark

Havercamp Shatterdome

Deitrich OB/GYN

Darius Rucker

Imelda Cherry

Victor Winning

Delores Price

Lance Corporal Scott Bukake

Steven Truthchurch

Vito Breach

Frank Ocean

Margery Crossfit

Dominic Assange

Nova Prime

Omar Thoroughgood

Magnus Croche III

Gabe Haliburton

Clutch Blackwater

The Honorable Teddy Scarr

Beaumont Harddrive

Arlo Crimejustice

Hammel Loosecannon

Righteous Sebastian

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Best ending since the Cavalcade of Suicides.


I also love when people call Scott out on his shit like Bill Hader did during WYR. It looks like other people didn't like it too well, but it seemed to make the Choctaw a bit more mentally agile.

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I wish Scott had just ended the show right on his first, "Hmm?" That ending would have been a lot like the imploding universe at the end of ep 80 with Ice T and Ventura or the KNIFEGRAB ending, etc. The thought of everyone turning into Ducca from snorting propofol is great.

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hm a lot of jokes in this one. a lot of laughs and a good old time. just a real hot number all around

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