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Over the Top - Opening Weekend

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You can see the earnings for all movies that weekend. The two top-earning openers that weekend were Mannequin (a romantic comedy fantasy film starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall and Estelle Getty) and Over the Top. I have not seen Mannequin, but the plot sounds insane.



Platoon Orion $12,875,690

Outrageous Fortune BV $6,309,661

Mannequin Fox $6,001,208 -

Over the Top WB $5,149,200 -

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By the way Mannequin would be an amazing movie for the show. I happened to watch it a month or so ago and it makes less sense than any movie I have ever seen. Just one part - Andrew McCarthey's job is to create window displays for a department store. The mannequin inspires him to create such amazing window displays that people are congregating around them (this is somehow the least improbably part of this section of the story). The company's response to this is to have a BOARD MEETING where the topic of firing him is debated. It is like they are allergic to success, people are taking notice and shopping at this downtrodden store and their response is to fire the person responsible.

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