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Im making a best of. Help?

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Ok so the 50th episode is coming up, and ive decided that for this 50th episode id try and edit together a 'best of'. im relistening through all of the nerd poker Ep's keeping track of the funniest moments (opinio) in hopes of editing them together in a best of supercut. problem is this takes a long time, the editing together is no issue, but the listening through and finding the best parts of an episode, so if you guys wanna listen to some episodes, and find like 5-10 funniest moments in an episode as well as keeping track of the time.



another thing is i will be making a supercut of all of blaines commercials, id like to get this one done soon, very soon, so please guys go through each episode and give me the times of all of blaines ads so i can edit em together, that way i save some time.



A nerd poker super fan.

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my advice is to wait. i know that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but i would wait until this adventure comes to an end (it will end, won't it?). you cant start working on it now, obviously. but a "best of season 1" is more appealing to listeners than "best of the first 50 episodes" and then on episode 56 they all die/win/crowned king nerds.


i recently re-listened to this entire fucking podcast at work. as i did, i have a .txt file open in the background and whenver something notable or humorous happened, i took note. i have this episodal summary at work. i'll try to grab some of the best moments (in my opinion) when i get around to it. because there are some really, really funny moments.

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