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Let's talk about stand-up

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Hey everyone,


I thought this could be a place where we could all share funny/scary/ridiculous stories from experiences doing stand-up. Or we could just say whatever we want about it. I just started giving it a shot recently and feel like I wanna talk about it. Let's talk.


Last night I opened with a joke about how I see the word "anus" on a lot of faxes at my job. When nobody laughed I got nervous? or something? I'm so out of my own head when I'm up there. But then I started saying that I wanted to put the word "anus" in big font on pieces of paper and throw the pieces of paper at all of my co-workers to see if they get paper cuts...Weirded myself out with that one. Have you ever said something you don't really mean ?

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My whole life is saying things I don't mean. Congrats on going up though, that's really brave of you. I mean I'm no stand up, but when I got on stage to perform (I'm a guitar player) I was sweating bullets.

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The idea of comedians talking about stand-up is funny to me in the way that chefs might talk about what they do when they get together.

"So... do you cut up the potatoes?" Then the other would say, "Yeah, I cut up up the potatoes."

To be fair, there are lots of chefs who are interested in the nuance of how to make food better, or at least how to make sure it's good. Now I want to talk to a chef.

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Not sure if you have heard of the food channel, but there are a lot of chefs talking to other chefs about cheffing, also a lot of podcasts are comedians talking comedy with comedians.

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