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Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

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The New Pornographers have to be the funniest band around. Neko and AC Newman are true friends of comedy!

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Look under "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You".

You're welcome.


So you're the one who added that Neko Case was on a "controversial show" and that she later said she hadn't expected such a "confrontational interview"?


Also, you're the person who edited Jessica St. Clair's entry to add, "She is commonly known as the funniest human being on earth. Her comedy bang bang appearances are consistently rated in the top ten yearly episodes. Her character, Marrisa Wompler is referred to some in the improv world as the only thing to come close to the unattainable yet highly sought after, 'perfect' character." Awesome Wikipedia work to make the show look good!


P.S. Who's Dani Singer? (https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Off_the_derech&diff=prev&oldid=533463889)

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Neko was great and really got into the spirit of the podcast.


Now we need AC Newman on CBB as well. He is always tops on the Best Show on WFMU (Johhhhhhhhn Wesley Shipp) and would fit in well with Scott and crew.


Agreed. Most times musicians are liabilities on here. I'm impressed that she's got the chops to be on a comedy podcast. Ms. Mann, for example is a fine personality- but she's really only ever the straight man. Neko seems like someone you'd laugh with while drinking beers sitting around a fire with a crappy acoustic guitar. Except, of course, that she is a girl and we all know females are flammable- hence why they are known as Flammable Non-Extinguishable males

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