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Empire State

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Empire State came up as something i'd be interested in from amazon. This one stars Liam Hemsworth, Emma Roberts and Dwayne Johnson minus "The Rock". I'm curious about this after seeing many of the Rock's movies this year but I'd appreciate a professional HDTGM review first.


Here are some of the four and five star reviews from amazon:


"Dwayne Johnson always makes outstanding movies. this is a must buy. i will watch it again and again. definitely a 5 star."


"get ready for fun you didnt expect, thor's little brother is bigger than you think, w/ a proformance that can only enhance his creditbility, refreshing considering he carrys the show, while you waiting for rock, by the time rock does show up, you havnt even missed him. the kids that good."


"This was an interesting movie about based on a true story about a Greek guy from NY that pulled off the biggest heist in US history in 1982. I loved that this movie had a Greek element to it and had Greek actors who spoke Greek as well as non-Greek actors speaking Greek."

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