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The Stabilizer (1986)

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So much action, so much awesome, so much mom jeans and so much awesome.



This movie has everything.

Car chases? Its got it.

Motorcycles busting through walls? check.

Guys eating live lizards for no reason? sure, why not.

All kinds of weapons? including flamethrowers, rakes, oscillating fans, and the villainous Greg Rainmaker's signature...shoes with cleats! Its got them.

Mr T? ... well, not quite, but its got what can best be described as The Indonesian Mr T Experience, not Mr T, but the 5th next best thing.




This is the quality of action you're getting when you roll with The Stabilizer:



Seriously, do yourself a favor and randomly put a framed picture of yourself on top of your TV and watch The Stabilizer.


Its on Netflix streaming, (and youtube) [and if you want someone to watch it with you, you can check out Gymkommentary]

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I had never heard of this. I like the entire sequence of events with the helicopter in the clip though. Character appears to be trying to board the helicopter with all the agility of a soggy sock. He then abandons this measure after we cut to an establishing shot of the guys inside the helicopter DOING NOTHING. Thanks establishing shot, you have established that NOTHING is happening inside the cab. Guy plummets (why?) while spraying bullets wildly into the air. Helicopter in another movie instantly explodes. Cut back to the same shot of the free-falling guy grappling with his assault rifle and then spraying wildly into the air after a beat. What is he shooting at? Stumbles to shore while struggling out of his shirt no reason. Triumphant cheesy fist-pump to nobody. Cheery assault rifle huddle-hug.

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You'd triumphantly fist pump to nobody too if you followed to emotional journey that is The Stabilizer.


Also you'd learn a lot.













Drug Dealing:


and so much more.

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It's on Netflix streaming, (and youtube)

It is a fun/dumb action movie, but it's unfortunately not streaming on Netflix.

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Oh, I dont have netflix so didn't really check, just saw it mentioned elsewhere that it was (old posts, so i guess it was, but isnt anymore). I did see it posted in its entirety on youtube though (

, so its even legal).

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This is gymkata level and should definitely be HDTGM. What was everyone 'c'moning' to with their assault rifles? Why did everyone have assault rifles while piling outta the van and running down the embankment? Why did only one person have an assault rifle in the cut to hudggle? Why did that shirtless guy passionately sweep his mom in his arms?

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Can that one bad guy be any more not Not Mr. T? I phrased this based on chapter 4 of Matthew Perry's 'Snarky Parsing in the 90's'.

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I love that even though he blew up a helicopter that was directly above him, there was no debris whatsoever. And Holy Christ, that fucking hair...

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So just rewatched this again, thought Id highlight some of the sexy side of The Stabilizer (on the note of sex and The Stabilizer, I did kinda forget about the 2 rape scenes, luckily there's things in the scenes to take your focus off of them, like a huge poster sized picture of The Stabilizer in a mesh shirt brandishing a gun that's mounted on his bedroom wall and is prominently featured in what looks to be a shrine to himself, but content warning incase anyone wants to watch the movie and is disturbed by it.



Anyway, here, the evil Greg Rainmaker shows how to pleasure a lady.




And this shows the kind of class you get from a movie like The Stabilizer


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So since the images from my other post died, I figure I might as well post again the fashion of The Stabilizer:






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