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I was just wonder how any of you guys in the arts have the confidence to do it. I mean I think I'm funny, I think I have some talent in music, and can write fairly well. On the other hand it always creeps into my mind that there are so many people much more talented than I do and they don't always see any success. Though I also see a lot of people I don't find particularly talented putting out content all the time with seemingly ignorance to how it is received by others. So where is the balance between confidence and being delusional?


Sorry for getting kinda serious on these forums but I'm kinda at a quarter life crises (if there is such a thing) and I know there are a lot of insanely talented people at all different things on these forums.

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Hey Narnold!


You can do it!


First step: move to LA or NY.

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Thanks guys, I guess as soon as I figure out this financial situation out I should try to move. Right now I'm taking care of my Grandparents full time too, so I was thinking of taking classes at Steel City Improv here and maybe just trying to generate content.

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