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Ike Willis

Petey Wheatstraw (1977)

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The fourth of Rudy Ray Moore's movies that started with Dolomite. All beautifully bad in their own right. The premise for this film is absolutely insane. Leroy and Skillet (Fred Sanfords buddies from Sanford and son) are opening a comedy club after borrowing $100k from a financial backer. They learn Petey Wheatstraw is coming to town the same week as their opening. And since they can't compete they ask him to postpone. He refuses. So they gun down him and all his peeps at a funeral. Over comedy club competition????? Petey makes a deal with the devil for revenge and then it just gets unbelievable. They blow up a pick up truck full of Watermelons at one point, just one of many scenes featuring watermelon. This shit is crazy bad. There are a lot of blaxploitation films that would be good for the show, but this one goes so far off the rails, yet still takes its self way to seriously, that it is the creme de la creme. Also, for the most part, keeping with the Dolomite tradition, most of what Petey says is in rhyme. Fucking Bonkers!!!!

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I want to recommend Rudy Ray Moore's Petey Wheatstraw: The Devils Sun In Law. Its pretty much the most amazing awful film ever made.

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