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Suggest B-B-B-B-B-BONUS-S-S-S-S-S CLIPS-S-S-S-S-S for the best of

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where's the thread for voting on the best episodes? did I miss something?

I'm sorry, the floor is now closed for voting. You were told in advance that there would be no warning, so I'm going to have to dock you 275,633 points.


(Just kidding. The poll is still available in the sidebar on the CBB show page.)

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Also, Besser's rendition of Silent Night as Bjork from the 2012 Holiday Spectacular.

Was just going to suggest this. I just listened to it; I had forgotten how amazing it was.

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This exchange from the CBBLIVE! 2013 Tour, Episode 7: Detroit:


SCOTT: So our next guest, he truly is a part of comedy royalty; a long lineage of wonderful comedians. He is the grandson of Groucho Marx, and he is here with us tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Coco Marx to the stage!


COCO: It’s a pleasure to be here, Detroit. Scott, as you know I had a record store in the Valley called ‘Golden Memories.’ And until recently, Spotifies and your, and your Pandoras Boxes... uh, really hurting our business. So I decided to go back into the family business, which is comedy. Thank you.


SCOTT: Ok! Well, welcome. Is this your first performance?


COCO: This is the first time that I’m gonna do comedy for you people. I have one- I have a joke I just wrote. I’d like to try it for you guys if you wouldn’t mind.


KURT: Oooh!


SCOTT: Sure, yeah. Do you want to take the stage, maybe stand up and do it?


COCO: Sure, let me take the stage here… ...

*Ahem* (clears throat) What do you call a bagel inside a child’s underwear?

JonBeignet Ramsey. Thank you.


(the audience groans)


SCOTT: Awww, I-- Coco…


COCO: Too much?


KURT: That’s not just any child, that’s a dead child.


COCO: That’s right...Terrible story. But these are, uh, the pitfalls of putting makeup on your little child and making them run back and forth on a stage. I’m not saying this child DESERVED to be murdered, you know, it’s just a joke.


(Kurt bursts into uncontrollable laughter)


SCOTT: How did, how did this- how did we GET HERE? In ONE JOKE?!

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Lord Shitqueef/how's window from Farts and Pro 3

Ben,Scott and PFT singing Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors

The attack of the shits story

The "we were born fuckin" from The Bachelor Brothers

Bob Ducca singing Wrecking Ball

Bob Ducca's superhero list

Anything from Jazz Jazz vs Nathan Fielder

"Herbie Portrait of a Serial Killer"

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I really hope Ice-T's smut-filled Would You Rather rant from the live tour makes it in there somewhere. I have never blushed and laughed so hard at the same time before. I hope no one at work saw me. I had to put my head down on my desk, I must have looked like I was having a fit. I never imagined I would live to hear shit like that come out of PFT's mouth. It filled me with more joy than I can describe. God, I wish there was video of that.

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Also, Besser's rendition of Silent Night as Bjork from the 2012 Holiday Spectacular.


YES! I forgot this was eligible. I still listen to that when I want a laugh. "FUCK YOUR SHEEP, SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

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