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Harris I cannot tell you how much I love this premise! As a casual Phish fan I have to listen to both sides of this argument often, and it is usually awful to listen to. However, this show is amazing!


Because I usually root for the loser of anything (the crappy team in sports, the seal in Trials of Life, Jesus in modern day society), I really want you to win a battle. What we need is a better attack. I am sure you have heard this argument before,but I would like to reiterate.


Every time I listen to a live anything I am turned off of it. That is to say unless I have heard that band live and enjoyed my experience. Now listening to that band live fires my mirror neurons causing me to empathize with my last experience. Therefore, every time I listen to a live CD with others who have not I am loving the experience in a way they cannot.


So I think you should stick to the studio albums when introducing this to other people. I also really think you should introduce this to other people, because I am loving every minute of it. Perhaps a good person to have on next is Jimmy Pardo. During the interview/imposition he can try to get you to like Chicago.


Love it keep it up!

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I like the idea of getting more guests. Every episode someone new can come on and try to convince Harris that Phish is awful.

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