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Daredevil - Corrections and Omissions

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The radioactive spill that gave Daredevil his super powers also gave powers to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The accidents in both origin stories are pretty much identical.


The Daredevil side of the story is of a kid who pushed an old blind man out of the way of a truck carrying barrels of radioactive waste. The goo splashed in his eyes.


The TMNT side of the story is of a truck carrying radioactive waste hitting a blind man and a teenager, dropping its cargo on the kid's face, knocking a child's bowl of pet turtles into a sewer where that same radioactive waste was drained into.


So according to how the movie's story, we have Ben Affleck's dad to thank for starting not 1, but 6 superheroes (if you count Master Splinter).


Here's one source of many:





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