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Yo Earwolves!

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I got your email, Earwolf. I'm also very excited for 2014. Especially with the addition of NNF, that's a good call. Now I've only been loitering around your webspace for a couple of years but you guys are blowing up and that makes my little nerd heart happy.


My favorite part of the email, and the reason I made this thread specifically was to say sweet Earwolf Crew photo. Even without our beloved moderators it's nice to see that this well-oiled machine is run by real, silly people.




P.S. Gabe looked straight through my soul.






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I just read that email and had to come post. It's a good thing I never use my brain when I internet anyway, because it most certainly 'sploded when I got to the part about Never Not Funny. I was genuinely not expecting to be blown away, but here I am, blown away. I've never actually heard NNF before, because it wasn't free (I'm a terrible person), but I've always wanted to, so I can't wait to finally check it out. Starting 2014 with Jimmy Pardo and Andy Daly...how can it get any better?

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